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Unknown Grid Marks Noticed on Witness’s Back.

Location of Sighting: Paris, FranceDate of Sighting: July 13, 2020Time of Sighting: 3 PM Local Time Description: Hi: I noticed today the same type of grid mark on my back. I have been trying to figure out what it is, … Continue reading

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December 15, 2013 – Bon encontre 47240, France – 12:28 AM Local Time

Description: My sighting occurred on 15.12.2013, Time 00:28. in Bon Encontre 47240, France. I have noticed an illuminated arc around the moon. It was not the usual. Inside the arc an illuminated object was moving. It was very unusual. Note: … Continue reading

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March 3, 2012 – Volvic, France 11 PM Local Time

View YouTube Video Below: Description: Saturday night I came home after visiting a friend. He told me he had see something strange in the sky, but he wasn’t sure what it was. He didn’t take any photos or videos … Continue reading

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