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Listed below are UFO sightings collected from the state of North Dakota since Jan 1, 2012

Barge Shaped Craft Flies Over Car – Kills Engine.

Location of Sighting: Near Lake Darling, North Dakota (See Map Below)Date of Sighting: Summer, 1956 Description: A man was driving his 1954 Henry J car in the summer of 1956 in North Dakota. The sighting happened about a mile east … Continue reading

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3 White Orb Lights Found in Video of Thunderstorm.

Location of Sighting: Bismark, North DakotaDate of Sighting: May 22, 2018Time of Sighting: 9:46 PM CDT Description: I was filming a lightning storm in Bismarck, North Dakota. I did not notice the orbs in the video, as I was focused … Continue reading

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Star-Like Object Goes Up, Down, Zigzags, Stops.

Location of Sighting: Williston, North DakotaDate of Sighting: September 24, 2019Time of Sighting: 10:36 to 10:45 PM CDT Description: Tonight my buddy and I were on my roof star gazing by Williston, North Dakota at around 10:36 to 10:45 PM … Continue reading

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Straight White Jet Looking Light Bursts Away.

Location of Sighting: Burlington, North DakotaDate of Sighting: August 14, 2019Time of Sighting: 11:35 PM CDT Description: A straight white jet looking light started passing overhead in a bright white straight line light until burning a bright blue. This happened … Continue reading

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Black Triangular Object Multicolored Lights Disappears & Reappears.

Location of Sighting: Minot, North DakotaDate of Sighting: April 21, 2019Time of Sighting: 9:44 PM CDT Description: Two witnesses saw a black triangular object. The object was visible for 20 minutes and would be visible, disappear and then reappear. The … Continue reading

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April 30, 2012 – North Dakota (Exact Location Unknown) – 4:45 PM CDT

Description: We were playing golf and happened to look back at the sky and saw the UFO, but then we got the pictures and it turned out to be true. ALIENS ARE REAL! Note: This case is a hoax. The … Continue reading

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