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Listed below are UFO sightings collected from the state of Ohio since Jan 1, 2012

Star-Like Object Moves in Tight Zigzag Circles.

Location of Sighting: Portsmouth, OhioDate of Sighting: November 15, 2020Time of Sighting: 9:05 PM EST Description: I have been watching a star do the same thing. It goes in a zigzag circle and sometimes it goes out for a few … Continue reading

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Mega Huge Triangular Craft White Lights on Corners, Center Red Light.

Location of Sighting: Harrison, OhioDate of Sighting: September 1, 2020Time of Sighting: 12:35 AM EDT Description: I saw a Mega Huge triangular craft with white lights at corners and a blinking red light in the center. There was Absolutely no … Continue reading

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5 Fiery Objects Fly Overhead in Procession.

Location of Sighting: Westerville, OhioDate of Sighting: July 25, 2020Time of Sighting: 10 PM EDT Description: The first object that I saw looked like an airplane that was on fire. As it got closer and flew overhead, I was still … Continue reading

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Round White Light Moves Erratically in Sky.

Location of Sighting: Centerburg, OhioDate of Sighting: July 26, 2020Time of Sighting: Shortly After Midnight Description: While looking above the half moon I noticed a round bright white object moving erratically in the sky. I called my husband to come … Continue reading

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Large Saucer Shaped Object Seen on Flat Bed Truck.

Location of Sighting: Cincinnati, OhioDate of Sighting: January 4, 2020Time of Sighting: 11:30 AM EST` Description: I was driving southbound on I-75. I first saw a few state troopers ahead with their lights on escorting a flatbed truck with an … Continue reading

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2 Orange Orbs in Southern Sky. Photos Taken.

Location of Sighting: Hubbard, OhioDate of Sighting: April 8, 2020Time of Sighting: 11 PM EDT Description: I saw 2 orange orbs in the Southern sky. There were no sounds coming from them.

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Hundreds of Orbs Float to the Southeast.

Location of Sighting: Pioneer, OhioDate of Sighting: March 21, 2020Time of Sighting: 9:15 PM EDT Description: My girlfriend and I were walking inside from returning from the store when I looked up and seen hundreds of small orbs floating. The … Continue reading

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Star-Like Object Hovers, & Moves Erratically.

Location of Sighting: Gambier, OhioDate of Siting: December 20, 2019 to the presentTime of Sighting: Evenings Location: (Video) Gaskin Avenue, Gambier, Ohio, 43022. Other sightings; 461 Apple Valley Drive, Howard, Ohio. Gambier, Ohio and multiple locations in Knox County, Ohio. … Continue reading

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Couple Abducted, Taken Aboard Craft & Examined.

Location of Sighting: Stout, OhioDate of Sighting: 1998 Description: A man recalls that he and his wife had a strange dream. Their dreams were nearly identical. They remember being taken aboard a craft and they were examined naked on a … Continue reading

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3 Reddish Orange Lights Move Slowly Across Sky.

Location of Sighting: New Vienna, OhioDate of Sighting: December 15, 2019Time of Sighting: 7 PM EST Description: I walked outside and saw the first reddish orange light going across sky, and then saw the other two followed it. They moved … Continue reading

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