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Light Blue Round Object Found in Moon Photo.

Location of Sighting: Angeles City, PhilippinesDate of Sighting: January 17, 2022Time of Sighting: 8:21 PM Local Time Description: I took a photo of the moon and after noticed the light blue object to the right. Note: The object is not … Continue reading

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V Shaped Object Size of Large Airplane – No Sound or Lights.

Location of Sighting: Valenzuela City, PhilippinesDate of Sighting: March 30, 2020Time of Sighting: 8:15 PM Local Time Description: I saw a V-shaped flying object, just the size of a typical huge airplane in the sky. It made no sound and … Continue reading

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V Shaped Boomerang Object Glides Across Cloudy Sky.

Location of Sighting: Caloocan City, PhilippinesDate of Sighting: Late April, 2019Time of Sighting: 12:35 AM Local Time Description: I saw a V-shaped object. It looked like a boomerang slowly gliding across the night’s cloudy canvas. It was a chance encounter … Continue reading

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Veteran Recalls Sighting Strange Lights Over Clark AFB, Philippines.

Location of Sighting: Clark AFB, Angeles City, Philippines. Date of Sighting: March-April, 1977 Description: Clark AFB, Philippines was located at Angeles City. (Interesting that you asked since it is noted on the UFO website and easily found on a Google … Continue reading

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