Chinese Rocket Booster Enters Earth’s Atmosphere – Feb 23, 2015

Watch Video Footage (YouTube):



Description: One of my security cameras caught the above footage of a Chinese Stage 3 Rocket Booster. The rocket booster was used to launch a satellite into Earth orbit. Normally I scan the skies for UFOs, but sometimes I catch other interesting things. The footage was taken at 10:56 PM MST on February 23, 2015. The security camera was a GeoVision IR camera. The rocket booster was seen from Arizona to Alberta. The rocket was launched from China in late December of 2014. The rocket was moving in a northerly direction. The American Meteor Society received over 150 reports from western states and Canada. The Chinese media classified the satellite as a “remote sensing bird,” but NASA believes that the satellite is being used for military purposes.

Note: I only received one report of this object. This is indicative that many people don’t report what they see in the skies. How many UFO sightings go unreported?

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3 Responses to Chinese Rocket Booster Enters Earth’s Atmosphere – Feb 23, 2015

  1. AR says:

    Good catch! Did it burn up completely, or did any pieces make it to earth?

  2. karl kushman says:

    That is pretty cool! It kind of reminds me of when MIR fell out of orbit. Only this seems slower and a lot more light, but if I remember correctly that came down during the day. This is really cool.

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