Chrome Disk Shaped Craft Flies Straight Upward.

Location of Sighting: Warren, Ohio (See Map Below)
Date of Sighting: June 15, 1985
Time of Sighting: 7 PM EDT



Description: My ex husband and I in the summer of 1985 were driving on Parkman Road and saw a large disk floating above a house, through the trees, as we were driving down the street. He slapped on the brakes and backed up and we glimpsed as it flew straight upwards and was gone. It happened so fast. It was about 7 PM.

The chrome (brushed nickle in color is best described) disk shaped aircraft had “colors around” as if painted onto the chrome. We also saw lights that shined down but were very dim and shining downwards. It was about the size, or a bit bigger, than a house roof. And had it wanted to land, there would have been no room anyhow. Nobody has ever believed us so we never told too many. LOL!

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3 Responses to Chrome Disk Shaped Craft Flies Straight Upward.

  1. Paul says:

    This is a excellent story why UFO’s are here in agenda. Obviously being so close to the roof of the house there could of well have been a abduction event occuring for the folks within. It Would have been interesting to talk to those in that residence in question and ask them if anything strange happened to anyone that anyone can remember?

    With countless reports of UFO’s from the brave and that do remember this large data base illustrates one primary purpose in reason why UFO’s are here:
    To iterface with humans on the ground and experiment on them? Possible reprogramming?

    • Administrator says:

      I waiting for a similar sighting with real time photos. However, if this happened many would claim a drone or a hoaxed photo.

  2. Barbara Griffith says:

    People not believing what someone had seen keeps a lot of good sightings from the public, which is sad to say the least. Lets hope that since this happened in the 80’s I think more and more folks are using their cell phones taking photos as proof of what they saw.

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