Circular Transparent Object With Dot on Bottom.

Location of Sighting: Moreno Valley, California
Date of Sighting: December 10, 2020
Time of Sighting: 11:27 AM PST


Description: This was not a UFO, but something created this. Do you have any idea? It was a speck in the sky when I saw it. I took a photo using a Sony 200 to600mm zoom with Sony A6400 with a1.5x crop. This gave me an effective 900mm focal length.

It was stationary for a long tim. or drifted very slowly.

This was taken at Moreno Valley, CA, at 11:30 AM. looking southeast.

Additional Comments From Witness: A balloon, that is what I was thinking. It was so strange, so bright against other clouds that day. I was just asking if anyone knew if any kind of aircraft could produce this formation, like breaking the sound barrier. I wish I had a much longer lens, I could have gotten more details.

I did some checking for photos of scientific balloons, and yes, it is a balloon. I has the same shape and details. It was fun taking pictures of it, being that it was a very long distance away and gave me a chance to use my brand new Sony 200 – 600mm zoom with my a6400 camera body. Because the a6400 body has a crop (smaller) sensor, we multiply the focal length of a lens by 1.5, so it is an effective 900mm. I love taking pictures of birds, mostly hawks, falcons, crows and ravens, and the little ones eating persimmons from my tree. I am always looking for the elusive UFO that people talk about, but all I get are blue skies and military aircraft flying around. I live next to March Air Reserve Base.

Note: The object could be a high altitude balloon as it bears some resemblance. The bright spot on the bottom could be a tether.

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2 Responses to Circular Transparent Object With Dot on Bottom.

  1. Jerry says:

    As a Master Scuba Instructor I would have to say that looks exactly the same as the top of a Moon jelly Fish. Sorry its not alien…

    • Administrator says:

      What? Jellyfish don’t fly. This object was thousands of feet above the ground. Another photo (unposted) shows it was flying high. It may have been a balloon?

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