College Kids See Triangular Object Emitting Beam of Light in Night Sky.

Location of Sighting: Cheney, Washington
Date of Sighting: April 28, 2016
Time of Sighting: 2 AM PDT

Description: My friends and I go to school at Eastern Washington University which is about 5 to 10 minutes away from where we saw this UFO and last night (April 28) we decided to take a late night drive down S Cheney Plaza RD to Turnbull Wildlife Refuge like we use to a couple years back when we first started attending the university. We drove down aways and parked the car on the side of the road where it opened up from thick woods to an open grassland. We were chilling, talking, and listening to Drakes new album that released that night. We were literally in the middle of nowhere where there were no houses or street lights. My friend looks over in the sky and sees a bright light aways away and the light seems to be stationary and rotating like a lighthouse light. We found this odd since it was so high up in the sky and as it got closer we realized the object had a beam of light coming off of it like a searchlight and it was scanning the ground like it was looking for something. It looked like a spotlight of some sort. The object kept moving quickly in all sorts of directions like it was dancing in the sky and this is what freaked us out the most. It was so agile in it’s movements that it almost didn’t seem possible for something to move so quickly with such sudden change in direction. It kept getting closer and eventually stopped and hovered about 500 feet in the sky and about a half mile away from us. It was still, but it’s search beam kept scanning the fields and eventually the beam crossed paths with our parked car and after that the beam pointed straight in front of the object and the object started moving forward towards us and we were in a panic, but we remained parked instead of leaving and the object gracefully flew over us at a very slow speed and it made very little sound and it’s light beam pointed straight like a normal plane. It was almost peaceful. We had the sunroof open and it flew directly over us to where we had to look at it thru the sunroof. It was almost like it was out there doing something and didn’t expect anyone to be out there, but once it saw our car (Our parking lights were on) it stopped what it was doing and tried to fly over us like a normal plane, but this object was a giant triangle about the size of 4 school busses put together and it had a green light at each of the triangles points along with its very bright search beam. I don’t care who believes us because the way I describe this sighting almost sounds like from a movie, but I’m not lying. This was a crazy experience whether it be something from the military or something from the universe, I don’t care. I just feel like I need to report it. Thank you.

Note: The witnesses quite likely did not see a helicopter. Helicopters would be louder and the object flew right over their vehicle. Also the triangular shape and green lights would rule out a helicopter sighting. I have received similar reports from “spooked motorists” in remote locations in Eastern Washington. Conclusion: unidentified.

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2 Responses to College Kids See Triangular Object Emitting Beam of Light in Night Sky.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have noticed weird changes in certain patterns, almost as if something had been hiding behind a cloud. I just started roofing this summer and noticed a rare phenomenon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What this looks to me like is some type of military vessel that was in the area and was surprised when the pilot spotted the car. Why else would it all of a sudden try to fly like a normal plane? They were probably on a test flight in this remote part of Eastern Washington thinking no one would see them as long as they stayed in this remote area.

    We have no idea just what type of technology this government has been able to understand now that we have computers and other classified equipment to study the engines that was found in any of the crashed UFOs. Some might think that’s silly that we never found anything like that if that is the case just explain how a country could go from the horse and buggy era to the type of fighter jets that we have now with classified equipment in the cockpit in a little under one hundred years? My answer is we could not have done it on our own.

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