Comet-like Object Moves Slow & Then Disappears.

Location of Sighting: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Date of Sighting: July 9, 2016
Time of Sighting: 11:30 PM EDT

Description: At the same time I saw from Windsor something that looked similar. To the west I saw what looked like a large very slow comet with a tail. The tail shrunk until the whole thing disappeared. Just ahead of that in the sky was a bright white star. It then grew into (or this sighting blocked it) what looked similar to the “comet”. But this was a hazy oval shape with a dimmer replica above it as if it was a reflection. That then disappeared as well.

More Comments From Witness: That is what I wondered, but it disappeared for a few seconds before reappearing as two oval lights almost identical in size and shape. I don’t know how they look if they explode so could be, but I had never seen anything like it. It will be interesting to see if it was a meteor.

Note: The witness is commenting on a similar sighting in the area in nearby Potterville, Michigan. A check of meteor sighting reports from the American Meteor Society showed no activity on July 9, 2016. Of course there could have been sightings that were not reported.

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