Commercial Pilot Takes Photo of Strange Object East of Greenland.

Location of Sighting: 60 Miles East of Greenland
Date of Sighting: June, 2021
Time of Sighting: 5:30 PM GMT (Estimated 3:30 PM Local Time)


Description: (Sequence of messages in ascending order sent by pilot):

I’ll send more details if I find you are legit. The photo was taken from 36,000 feet making the object perhaps miles across. Notice the shadows on the icebergs going beneath the object and the swirl in the ice flow as if the object had moved.

I was the pilot flying the aircraft. I’ll get the routing from flight tracker to pinpoint the location. I fly for a major US airline. The object did not appear to be moving at the time. But, you can see a disturbance in the ice flow as if it had been moving. There are shadows on the closest ice flows/burgs that are clear. The left side is most obvious. I’ve had many other pilots look at the picture ( some intel types and MIT types) and no one thinks it’s natural. The upper surface is smooth and gray and less reflective than ice. Other huge icebergs can be seen around with the reflective edges.

The sighting was within the last couple months. There was no weather phenomenon involved. We rarely get a day crossing when we get to see Greenland. So I was looking out the window at the ice floes and the up coming terrain. That’s when I saw this object. I didn’t consider it a “flying” object at the time. But in retrospect it looks likes it is just above the relative “icebergs”. The two uniform “intakes” or shadows on the top are also quite interesting. I am a former Air Force pilot as are most of the people I’ve shared the picture with. I “cross the pond” often, and have for many years. This was strange to say the least. Let me know what you are thinking.

Note: The aircraft was flying to the west at 539 MPH at an altitude of 36,000 feet. The first officer was also an ex Air Force pilot. The pilot has provided the date of the sighting, but it is not published in this report so as to not reveal the identity of the pilot and first officer.

One wonders if the object could be an unidentified submerged object (USO). These objects have been reported in the arctic and I have had military witnesses report them. USO’s are common off of the coast of California. As noted by the pilot it appears that the object has disturbed the iceberg environment perhaps by it’s movements. The object was likely very large and as noted by the pilot could be “miles across.” However, we don’t know the apparent size of the object in terms of “arc minutes (e.g. size of dime, pea, etc. held at arm’s length). If this information were available, one could provide a reasonably accurate estimate of the size of the object. The object could also be a “heat source” given that the area in vicinity of the object is darker in color. I also suspect that the object may be coated in ice as it’s color confirms to the background.

The position on the above map is estimated based on information provided by the pilot and the flight tracker data.

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5 Responses to Commercial Pilot Takes Photo of Strange Object East of Greenland.

  1. Joel Small says:

    Hello Mr. Puckett! My opinion/observation concerning this picture taken by the airline pilot near Greenland at 36,ooo feet: The size of this object has to be immense as it seems to be at a low altitude over the ice flow as little or no shadow can be seen below it. There really is no evidence that it’s actually above the ice. Could it be some kind of surface borne platform, albeit the size is huge. Maybe it’s some kind of ocean-going mobile oil platform as there is not a little interest in oil exploration in those climes. I do remember that there was a u.a.p. report given by a forestry group in North America several years ago that reported seeing an oddly shaped object that was moving along the ground below the ledge they were on. They submitted a drawing of what they saw. The object was shaped like a metallic butterfly of sorts. What I remember of this picture was that there were some unusual angles of the outer object that made me think of a similarity to the Greenland object, but most of all, I recall that there were two longitudinally running lines on the dorsal aspect of the ‘wings’. My thanks to the pilots for reporting this object, and you as well for the trouble you went to to post the report!

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Joel:

      Thanks for your feedback on this sighting. I have had comments that the object could be an oil platform (your comment), a Stealth aircraft and an iceberg. Your observations are fairly consistent with mine. First the object was extremely large given that it was taken from an aircraft at 36,000 feet. The pilot (and myself) believe that this object spanned several miles. The object was likely on or close to the surface. The object also was likely coated with ice given that it has a similar color to the background. The object is not an oil platform nor is it an aircraft. Both pilots are ex Air Force pilots and other commercial and Air Force pilots have seen the photo. They would recognize an aircraft. This is a UFO. Personally I think that it could be a USO (unidentified submerged object).

  2. Observer says:

    Look at the overall darker gray cast of the top of the NASA photographed iceberg, it’s the same as the other. I’m not saying it’s the same iceberg, but clearly there’s a resemblance.

  3. Observer says:

    If that’s a legitimate photo of an object taken at 36,000′, this is a possibility:

    However, this could also be an image of a small object taken at ground level, since there’s no data to confirm it was taken at 36,000 feet, only a story.

    • Administrator says:

      I am pretty confident that the photo was taken from an aircraft. No, I can’t prove it. I doubt if the image on the link explains this object.

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