Couple See 2 Pairs of Unusual Lights in Night Sky.

Location of Sighting: Martinsville, Indiana
Date of Sighting: December 15, 2015
Time of Sighting: 11:30 PM EST

View 1 of Video Clips Taken at 11:57 PM (YouTube):



Description: Well I imagine you have pretty much heard them all by now, but here is ours just the same. Ours means my wife and I.

It started as we were leaving Martinsville, In around 11:30 PM on Dec. 15, 2015. We had just crossed the bridge on the bypass that leads out of town and onto highway 67 and we hadn’t gone far at all when my wife who was driving said check out those lights. There were a pair of them flying ahead of us and to our right and looked to be over the white river. Looking around I noticed another pair of lights flying following the first ones, but these were behind us. The lights seemed really bright and I suppose that is what caught our attention along with how low they were flying at night. At first we thought maybe they were helicopters from the angle they looked to be moving, but we wouldn’t see exactly what they were until we got home. So as we travelled down highway 67 the ones in back passed us too, but they were to our right and we kind of lost sight of them for a couple few miles until we got to our turnoff at Centerton where we would leave the highway to take Goat Hollow Road to our home at Hart Lake. So where we turn the highway is divided and when we got there the flying lights were there too and we crossed together oddly enough. My wife said did you see that it looked like that one did a side shifting motion like it was trying to get our attention. I didn’t see that part. I was watching them fly trying to figure out what they were. At times they appeared to be triangle shapes, but what they where was unknown. It’s a straight shot up to where Rob Hill Road comes to our turn where we climb the big hill on Goat Hollow Road and when we got to the top one of the aircraft flew over us coming from our left while the other three remained to our right using the valley for cover. From there we saw them for a few minutes, then they would disappear a bit. Goat Hollow Road turns into Romine Road before we get to Bunkerhill Road which is where Hart Lake finds it’s entrance. When we got to the T where we would make a left hand turn for the final couple miles home the aircraft flew straight ahead which made me think they were headed for Indianapolis. Wrong. When we pulled in our driveway here they came. One by one they were flying really low and slow straight over our house which they would do for the next hour to hour and a half. When the first one came over my wife said that looked like something out of star wars which is what I was thinking too. Over the house they would steep bank to the right, slow down circle around and do it again and again and again. It was kind of creepy really. They weren’t all the same, but our guess is they were military craft doing a drill and somehow they made us part of it. I took a picture on my S4 Galaxy at the highway when we first crossed, but mostly I took movies. You could see them better at night with your own two eyes than my phone could, but the videos aren’t bad. Watching them and thinking it through my wife says they were Harrier aircraft and I think she’s right. Researching trying to figure it out is what brings me here because I notice lots of people have been seeing unusual things that sound a lot like what we saw only for whatever reason we saw it close up. I think we kind of got the what figured out in our case. It’s the why and the who I want to know. Our son was home and looked on a flight radar place and at the time this was all happening it didn’t show any flights over Central Indiana. Do you think you could help us get to the bottom of this? Thank You in advance.

Those pictures came from captured images from the video I took. They are big files and I don’t know how to send them.

Second Report From Witness: Hello again:

Yes they made noise the sound of jet engines and they appeared to be full size aircraft. When I said Harrier it’s because going through the video frame by frame you notice how the pattern of light changes and lights up in places that caused my wife to search for what kind of plane could fly so slow and low and that’s what led her to the Harrier although there was more than one type of aircraft flying over that night. One of them appeared to be an F-35 from it’s shape, but you can decide when you see the video for yourself. We are out away from home at the moment, but I will send them soon as I have time. I took a picture when we crossed the highway and you can see a whole line of cars coming that had to also see them and without a doubt left wondering what they just saw. The way the lights changed patterns and how they flew, the fact that a car and planes leave Martinsville and make the 14 mile or so journey and arrive together at our house is messed up for sure because the odds are too high to calculate. But with that said I am of the opinion that nothing is secret in our America and it rightfully belongs to the people and not those people who work for the man behind the curtain that believe they serve an entity that never was real. It also seems to me these people know what they do by not being open and honest and saying what their true intentions are when they harass ordinary citizens whom by all rights are the boss and have tolerated the nonsense for way too long. I am hoping you can help and I feel you can like I said I will send you what you need. And Happy New Year too!

Note: The witness sent several video clips taken of the low flying craft. The video clip above (taken at 11:57 PM on Dec 15, 2015) appears to show a regular jet. However, I can’t determine what type of jet that it is. However, the clip also appears to show lights following the jet. The sound had since diminished from the jet, but lights were still visible. Perhaps the couple witnessed military maneuvers? However, it seems strange that the military would be conducting exercises outside of a military operations area and over a populated area.

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4 Responses to Couple See 2 Pairs of Unusual Lights in Night Sky.

  1. Barbara Griffith says:

    I doubt that the military would operate over neighborhoods either. Harrier aircraft are really loud. I hope the video shows enough to be able to tell what they are.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi: Thanks for the comments. The video (see updated posting) seems to show a jet aircraft. However, the video also shows some unusual lights after the aircraft passed over.

  2. karl says:

    Man I wish they had uploaded the video.

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