Couple See 4 Objects Like String of Bright Pearls in the Sky.

Location of Sighting: Bradenton, Florida
Date of Sighting: April 9, 2016
Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM EDT

Description: (I am kind of shook up so understand if I didn’t do a great job explaining the event.) We saw four separate objects each looking the same. That said, two of them were our main focus. The objects looked like a string of bright and changing pulsating pearls that form a line in the sky. The bright pulsating lights varied from, White, Blue, Reds and pale Blue. The lights did not flash or blink until later. I will explain: We watched the first object move from the Northeast sky to the West. The first movements were very obvious as we watched the objects move across the sky without a sound. They headed West, but not together as a pair. The one object was heading west as it was gaining altitude in a distinct angle toward the sky almost like a rocket would.

As time went on the object continued West, lost altitude and ended up in the Western Sky over West Bradenton. I’m 100% sure these were UFO’s. The objects after heading West became stationary and totally motionless in the sky. They seemed to be waiting for something. For nearly an hour with the lights pulsating they stood fixed in the sky motionless.

At this point my wife and I started to try to make sense out of this event and started to convince ourselves they must be stars. We kept going outside to mark where they were so we could see if they were moving. I am standing there looking at this object motionless pulsing with color, but my brain still tried to come up with something more logical other than UFO.

Then the the most Westerly object that we observed motionless and silent for about an hour appeared to slightly change shape as if a portion of the craft swelled and increased in size. Some of the lights begin to blink subtly. I was able to get my wife outside before the object flew steady but not fast to the SE where it eventually disappeared out of sight.

The other main object of the same shape and characteristics was still sitting motionless, but the pulse lights had turned to a more subdued blue. As we stood there amazed and a little shook the other object started to move slowly toward the West, but also began to gain altitude as it continued. The Pulsing lights gave me the impression they were trying to communicate or give directions(just an opinion).

This was an amazing experience that was no doubt extraterrestrial. Not even NASA or the Military have developed a craft that can stay motionless in the sky for nearly 2 hours without sound, change shape/colors and then fly away.

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  1. Barbara Griffith says:

    It is too bad this couple didn’t get some video of these objects. If they had, it might made it easier to try to figure out what they were. They don’t sound like anything that has been reported before.

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