Couple See Jet Planes & Helicopters Pursue UFO.

Location of Sighting: Sudbury Suffolk, England
Date of Sighting: September, 2010
Time of Sighting: 7 PM Local Time

Description: In 2010 my wife and I were walking our dog in the country-side about 6.00 PM. It was just starting to get dark and the skies were clear. We where looking at the views from where we were walking as we were on a hill and you could see as far as 1 mile away. I noticed in the distance a bright light and said to my wife look at that. It was a bright light. It looked round and it was just moving upwards slowly into the sky very slow.

Then 2 jet planes came out of nowhere, flew over our heads and flew towards the bright light and before they got near the white light, it suddenly shot straight into space and was gone. ‘I have never saw anything like it go so fast’ and remember saying to my wife it was like a ‘shooting star,’ but going up fast instead of coming down.'”

The planes flew towards the light ‘giving chase’ and then 3 big black helicopters came along going towards where the white light had been on the ground. As it was getting dark now and we were on the country roads so we had to make our way home before we couldn’t see where we were going.

I remember saying to my wife that the light knew something was coming because as soon as the jet planes got near it went, and I have never saw anything like it before with such speed and move in a straight line into space. As I said before it was just like a shooting star falling to earth, but going the other way into space.

It had to be something for 2 jet planes to give chase and then 3 black helicopters going towards where it was on the ground.

There was nothing on the news or in newspapers so we never mentioned it to anyone.

Second Report by Witness (In Response to Questions): Hi: I can’t really remember the exact date as it was a while ago. It was something we didn’t talk about in case people thought we were seeing things. After not hearing anything on news or seeing anything thing in papers we just put it to aside, until I read a posting of a UFO report.

It was the beginning of Autumn (September) as it was getting dark, about 7:00 PM. I can’t remember what day it was. We were on the Essex side walking with our dog on top of a hill and could see right across the countryside to the Suffolk side (great open views), which is where we saw our sighting.

Sighting Suffolk, England 2010

As I said before I couldn’t tell you what it was or it’s shape, as we were too far away, but could see the bright light, as it was really bright (white) just moving up and down slowly, which caught our eyes.

At first when we saw the jets going to that area we thought it was one of them that had crashed or something, but when it just shot up into the sky and then as they got near it just shot into space and was gone. I have never saw anything move so fast. I can only describe it as a shooting star, but going up instead of down.
And it had to be something interesting for 2 jets and 3 black helicopters to go and investigate.

It’s just our experience of something we saw that we can’t explain and what 2 jets and 3 black helicopters were doing there as they clearly saw what we saw.

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