Couple See Large UFO With Flashing Blue & Red Lights.

Location of Sighting: Rancho Cucamonga, California
Date of Sighting: November 6, 2015
Time of Sighting: 6:30 PM PST

Description: We were in the Car at 6.30 PM at a traffic light stop and saw the object moving very slowly. Then we arrived home following UFO seen increased speed and went over east in the city, It was flashing blue lights and red and some times objects close each others and red lights . We think it was a mother ship. It was as big as 2 story buildings. We researched it on YouTube. We saw someone put the exact thing we saw from little distance Please we listen to Jeff Rense’s radio show and we hope you talk about it. If there is a phone during the Jeff Rense show we will be happy to talk. Please this is real and the person who put it is truth as well. I am Iranian and my wife is Swedish American. It was about 5 minutes at least we wanted to call 911 also. We said we do not want law enforcement question what we saw. We had another sighting in Portland, Oregon. We saw a single UFO and 2 F16’s following it over 2 times speed of sound. A few days later we saw a single UFO hovering at our residence. We are Baha’i and in our religion our master Baha’ullah said UFO’s are real and it is stupid we are alone in the universe. Thank you so much and my wife will write about incident in Rancho Cucamonga to you as well. Please it was silent and we also heard a humming sound as well.

Wife’s Account:
Friday Nov. 6 around 6:30 PM my husband and myself were in a car in Rancho Cucamonga CA. As we approached an intersection, I saw this large object in the night sky. I should say what I saw was three fairly large lights in an elongated triangle shape (with small slow flashing red light below the bottom white light). I kept looking to see what it was? As hard as I looked I could not see any structure! When we crossed the intersection I rolled down my window (non-drivers side and same side of road it was on) going from west to east. As I looked over it had seemed to stop moving and I could hear a low humming sound (not loud though). It was very big. It was at least one story high, but I think even bigger. You could not see any structure content and you could not see through it.

Note: I suspect that the witnesses may be off a day in their recollection of the sighting. There was a mass sighting in California of a rocket launched from a Trident Submarine. This sighting was on November 7, 2015 around 6:30 PM PST. Witness accounts varied in description, but blue lights were reported by most witnesses.

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