Couple See Metallic Disk Shaped Craft Vanish & Reappear.

Location of Sighting: Near Arlington, Washington
Date of Sighting: October 16, 2015
Time of Sighting: 10:30 AM PDT



Description: I have seen at least 3 UFO’s at night. The one I wanted to really tell you about happened during the day. I reported it to MUFON for the first time ever. They were intrigued enough to email me followed by a phone interview. The sighting was sometime around 10:30 AM. We were heading for the grey wolf lodge for a brief vacation. My wife was driving and my daughter was in the back. We were heading south from Arlington, WA on Highway 9. I noticed how usually nice the morning was for this time of year. There were no clouds in the sky and it was fairly warm. I was actually scanning the sky for clouds when I noticed a silver disc like object off in the distance. I remember thinking how odd it was that it wasn’t moving up or down or side to side either. It was just hanging there motionless. I could see the sun light reflecting off it. It had no wings or lights. I couldn’t see any windows either. The strangest part was as I stared at it the object just vanished! There was nothing for it to hide behind. There were no clouds or buildings. It just wasn’t there. Then exactly where I saw it last it reappeared! It was so surreal. It hung out for another minute or so then disappeared again. This time it was gone for good. I believe in alien life, but this is the first thing I have seen in 46 years that actually made me believe they could be here. I live in Arlington WA. I would be happy to discuss this or give you any more information. Hell: I would take a lie detector in a second! Thanks for your time. I hope this information is helpful.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: The date of occurrence was Oct 16th, 2015. I’m sorry I didn’t get a real photo. The thing kept disappearing! The craft looked like two metal silver colored dinner plates stacked face to face.

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