Couple See Mysterious White Light. Photo Taken.

Location of Sighting: Dornoch, Scotland
Date of Sighting: June 1, 2015
Time of Sighting: 12:31 AM Local Time



Description: My wife & I were walking our dog at “Grannies Heilin Hame” caravan site at Embo, near Dornoch, Scotland when she noticed a white light slowly moving across the sky from west to east, around 60° up from where we were standing. There was no sound. I went to my caravan to get my Canon EOS 600D camera & took a picture zooming right in on the bright object (18-135 zoom).

I thought nothing of it until I downloaded it onto my laptop & zoomed in. The bright dot became a delta shape & numerous other worm-shaped “craft” are clearly seen around it. It goes without saying that I didn’t doctor the picture & the camera was sound with no dust.

I found out later that adjacent to the caravan site is a military practice bombing range. So it MAY be possible that the objects are linked with the exercises. There again it just MAY be alien craft checking out the area to see our defenses.

I hope you can spread a bit of light on this.

Note: The apparent shape of the light in the photo is probably not real and due to camera “jiggle” or the movement of the object.

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