2 See Orange Balls of Light & “Mother Ship” Emitting Beam.

Location of Sighting: Highway 202 Near Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: September 26, 2015
Time of Sighting: 11:20 PM EDT



Description: We saw approximately 12 orange balls of light traveling above tree line very low parallel to us driving along Highway 202. We were returning from New Hope, PA and we were in the Doylestown, PA area and then captured evenly spaced white lights, much smaller than orange balls, like a massive mother ship and blue light near. There was no noise whatsoever. We captured a greenish beam coming down. No one but me and Ken pulled off to watch. We have photos and video. See Karin Hubbard and Kenneth Gambone Facebook page. We have rights to footage. Lots occurred and we have had trouble posting. We would like to meet in public place locally with representative. We did meet with Willow Groove Air Force Base (AFB). Our photos were inaccessible until someone at the base fiddled with the phone and the photos showed up again. In the photo of the beam I see on side there is also blue color in night sky. We tried finding turn off from 202 on way home that night and cannot find this building in the photo. I am sure we were on Highway 202 near Doylestown, PA, but where we stopped to film and photograph is a mystery. I have never really watched about UFO’s and believed, but now I do as I seen it myself. My son is airman first class.

Note: The above image is of poor quality because it is a photo of a still image taken on a cellphone. The photo does show a beam of light and an apparent large object. The witness has placed a copyright on the video. The witness provides directions for readers to view video on Facebook. (Normally we don’t disclose personal information, but it appears that the witness would like anyone to view the video on her Facebook page.)

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