Couple See Round Flying Object With Red & Blue Lights.

Location of Sighting: Indianapolis, Indiana
Date of Sighting: December 17, 2015
Time of Sighting: 4:30 AM EST

Description: It was a very clear night sky. At approximately 4:30 AM my husband was taking out the trash and from our backyard and looked up to notice a flying object with a red light. I happened to be awake, and he ran into call me outside. By that time it have moved further west in the sky and we went out the front door to get a better look. I couldn’t tell it’s shape, but I think that it was round, with two red lights as well as a blue light. It was very quiet outside, so we could hear the sound of it. It was a quiet, humming/whirring noise. It’s movement was not at all like a plane. It was more erratic. It slowed down at one point. (It wasn’t moving very fast to begin with.) It then stopped all movement and was just hovering. It then dropped in altitude, dropping and then hovering again, and then moving again higher completely vertically. The noise stayed uniform for the most part. It then disappeared behind the tree line heading west. My husband and I are disagreeing on it’s size and it’s distance from the ground. He thinks it appeared smaller, therefore being closer to us in distance, but I perceived the object to be much larger and a fair distance above us in the sky. I DID notice other aircraft in the sky at that time, one seeming close to this object. I thought it odd for many aircraft to be active at 4:30 in the morning! But, I am typically never looking at the sky at that time in the morning either, so it could be very much the norm. Regardless, it is worthy of note, hence that is the reason I am reporting. I have never witnessed anything like it.

Note: The witnesses description fits the characteristics of a drone. Drones generally fly slow, can hover and make a humming sound. However, drones should not be flying close to other aircraft and the FAA has recently promulgated regulations prohibiting drones from flying within several miles of airports.

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