Couple See Triangular Objects in Night Sky.

Location of Sighting: Davenport, Florida
Date of Sighting: June 8, 2015
Time of Sighting: 9:35 PM EDT

Description: Last night, June 8th, 2015, around 9:35 PM, my husband and I were dropping off my daughter and nephew to my cousin’s house in The Groves at Legacy Park off of Highway 27. While we were driving through the neighborhood, we both saw bright gold-orange lights above and behind some of the houses. We didn’t have a clear view, as we were glancing these lights between houses as we passed them.

At first, I had thought only I saw them. As my husband saw me craning my neck to catch peeks between the houses, he said, “It is streetlights, babe.” Then I knew that he has seen the same lights I had. So I took his word for it and we dropped off the kids. The kids had not noticed anything as they were in the back talking and distracted by teen things.

As we pulled up towards the stoplight on Highway 27, we saw the lights in the sky again! Only now, they were off in the distance across the highway on the east side of Highway 27. What we saw in the sky were what appeared to be 2 enormous triangle shaped objects that consisted of 3 large and extremely bright gold-orange lights each. **This could also have been 6 bright lights in two separate V formations??** But to us, it appeared to be 2 large triangles with 3 lights a piece.

As we were watching the lights and freaking out, I was telling my husband that I knew I had seen something when we were dropping the kids off! The lights moved farther away together for a few moments, then suddenly, right before our eyes, one of the triangles (3 lights) just disappeared!!

We had pulled onto Highway 27 going south and keeping our eyes on the last triangle. We were speeding down the highway trying to reach a particular side road that we could pull off on and try to record on my husband’s phone. As we were driving, I was trying to record and did a horrible job of it. I was so excited/nervous that I never actually hit record, so I got nothing! The triangle of lights continued moving very swiftly to the southeast. Suddenly, as we watched, this triangle just disappeared, same as the first! It disappeared in the vicinity of the Omni Resorts golf course.

Right as it disappeared, we reached the side road and pulled off near the new Four Corners High School. We rolled down the windows of the car and searched the sky to see if it would reappear or if there were any other traces of it. My husband said that if it were any commercial aircraft it would have navigation lights (blinking red, green, blue, or white type lights) like you see on airplanes and helicopters. There was no sign of the triangle. It simply vanished.

I am not sure what this was. This is not the first “UFO” we’ve seen either. We are the family that saw a domed-disk UFO on Sep 24, 2011. We are still coming to terms with what we saw that night. Then to see this last night is mind boggling. I am wondering why many other people who were on the road have not reported seeing this? It was very obvious.

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2 Responses to Couple See Triangular Objects in Night Sky.

  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    My thanks and regards to the couple who submitted this report involving the sighting of one or more of a triangular object so clearly in spite of the obvious unbelievablity of such of this experience. These particular sort of objects are almost ubiquitous when it comes to UFO sightings as they are reported just about every day on either Mr. Puckett’s excellent website or other sites, and are seen in both day and night hours, and have been reported as far back as the late forty’s.

    I too kind of wonder why, when such aerial objects present themselves so openly and obviously over populated areas, more people don’t report their sightings. I will just tell you that there are more than a few people out there who not only just DO NOT believe their eyes, but they really DON’T want to be seeing things that either seem to fall outside whatever they feel is “safe” to them or they might think that they could possibly invite some kind of unwanted attention on them and their families.

    Again, thanks for a great report!

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