Couple Terrified by Flashes of Light While Driving.

Location of Sighting: 8 Miles West of Coulee City, Washington
Date of Sighting: August 7, 2015
Time of Sighting: 11 to 11:15 PM PDT

Description: Mr. Puckett,

You may remember me and my friend Ryan from a report and interview with you several years ago regarding an incident outside of North Bend, WA. I am writing to inform you of another incident that occurred this past weekend. A very different encounter, but still very strange.

My wife and I were traveling to Banks Lake in Eastern, WA to spend the weekend with her brother and his wife. We left Bothell, WA Friday, 8/7/15 around 7:45 PM with an ETA in Electric City of midnight according to the GPS. We were about 6 to 8 miles west of Coulee City around 11:00 to 11:15 PM. It was completely dark as there are no cities, homes, or anything out there. There was no moon that night. We hadn’t seen another vehicle on the road for at least ten minutes. We were traveling east at about 70 MPH.

Suddenly there were two bright flashes of pure white light from behind us. The light was bright enough and from a position high enough to illuminate the inside of the vehicle. We immediately thought we were being pulled over by the authorities. We both looked behind us, but it was completely dark. There was nothing there. Still traveling at 70 MPH, we both watched in the mirrors and within a couple of seconds, there was another bright light again. We both witnessed a perfect circle of white light directly behind the vehicle traveling with us. It was only illuminated for a second then was gone. My wife asked if she should pull over and I told her to keep going. If it was a police officer, he would use his red and blues to pull us over.

At this point I was concerned. I was expecting to crest a hill and find a roadblock with some punks who were going to rob us. We both kept watching the mirrors to see who was behind us. Suddenly, the light came back on. This time however, there were horizontal lines going through it erratically and it blinked out. The only way I can describe the horizontal lines disturbing the light source would be like a hologram. In the movies, when a hologram is fading out, the picture is disrupted by horizontal lines before disappearing. This is what my wife and I both saw. The light went out with the horizontal lines and was gone. Within a few miles, we crested a hill and could see Coulee City below us. We didn’t see anything else for the duration of the trip and we arrived right on time so no loss of time to report.

I could dismiss the first two flashes as someone messing with us from the side of the road. I could dismiss the second flash as possibly a police vehicle following us with the lights off then hitting us with a spotlight or something although I think I would have seen a vehicle. But the last light, and the way it went out, that part was very weird and very different from anything I have ever seen before.

I should point out that at no time during this encounter did we see another vehicle coming or following us. We watched closely for tail lights or a vehicle turning off behind us somewhere. We didn’t encounter another vehicle for at least six or seven more miles. Could it have been a car with very powerful headlights or high beams several miles behind us? I would have to say no because the light source was 10 to 20 feet behind the vehicle. And when we made it into Coulee City, we could see at least a mile behind us and no vehicles followed us into town.

My question for you would be, Have you heard of similar encounters? My wife and I are both curious as to what this could have been. We are both open to ideas and interpretations on this one. Any information would be useful. If you have any questions, email is probably the best way to contact me.

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5 Responses to Couple Terrified by Flashes of Light While Driving.

  1. brad says:

    This exact thing happened to my family when I was just a kid. We always went to visit grandmother in another town on weekends and stayed late. On the highway drive home it was slightly foggy and no other vehicles were on the road. Suddenly an incredibly bright flash of light enveloped the van, so bright that it was impossible to see anything, but the bright white. The weird thing was you couldn’t feel that irritation that bright lights do to pupils which cause you to close your eyes. Anyway after a few minutes I asked my parents if they saw that flash, and they both gasped with relief because they saw it, but both thought they were going crazy LOL. Anyway it was a 6 mile drive from grandma’s to our house, yet when we had gotten home the drive home had taken about an hour and a half.

  2. Brit says:

    I am 27, from the Oregon coast. My brother, friend and I were driving up a logging road, just cruising around. It was late at night and we were on a clear cut with no cars in sight complete darkness other than our headlights. Out of nowhere a white beam of light lite up the whole inside of the vehicle. It happened so quick and then was just gone. We were all a little stunned by this because it didn’t make any sense there was nobody else around. A few minutes after the unexpected beam of light had passed my brother said “did you guys see that?” And I said yes and then our other buddy said he seen it too. We all hesitated to say anything at first being since we couldn’t really wrap are heads around what just happened or explain it so I personally thought that I had just imagined it in my mind is why I wasn’t the first to say “What the F*** just happened” in fear of being teased or seeming crazy. We still don’t know what the light was from. We just decided to get the heck outta there. I’m a firm believer in UFO’s and I’m pretty sure there is a good possibility that the beam of light came from some type of UFO that night.

  3. E says:

    I would recommend going into hypnosis to recollect possible wiped out memory from your subconsciousness in case you were abducted and your memory was wiped out.

  4. karl kushman says:

    Well we have had thunder and lighting over the past week or so.

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