Coyotes Began Howling. Bright Orb Appears Thru Trees.

Location of Sighting: Elk, Washington
Date of Sighting: June 10, 2016
Time of Sighting: 11:30 PM PDT

Description: It was late around 11:30 PM. I heard the coyotes going crazy howling. I turned off all lights and opened the window to look and listen. The coyotes suddenly went silent and so did everything else. There was no wind, no night sounds at all. It was dead silence. This is not normal for our area. It was a clear sky and I could see stars. I saw a very bright orb through the trees to the southeast. It was too large to be a star and too close to be a planet. It was yellowish/off white. I kept my eyes on it and it would move back and forth in large slow sweeping motions. I would lose sight, then it would show up again. I felt like the trees were blocking my view at times, but it would show up again and do the same movement until I lost sight again. At one point I thought I saw multiple (5 or 6) of these same lights show up below the first one. They were all doing the same movement. It was like someone was holding flashlights and moving them back and forth. That is when my heart began pounding and I became very frightened. Then they just disappeared.

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