Dark Circular Object Found in Background of Photo of Weather Station.

Location of Sighting: Scheller, Illinois
Date of Sighting: June 29, 2019
Time of Sighting: 12:50 PM CDT


Description: I was taking a picture of my new weather station I put up at my home and took a picture to share with the company AcuRite who makes the Atlas with/Access weather station I purchased. I took the picture and a few days later I uploaded the photo from my cell phone to my computer and then I noticed the object just to the left and a bit below the level of the weather station in the clouds in the background. I could not increase the focus and it is too blurry when I zoomed in to look at it, but I did not see this when I took the picture and wonder what this is maybe a UFO or who knows.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: The weather station sensor is the only thing on the pipe and the TV antenna is the only other thing on the roof. I can’t explain it and I looked at the camera lens and nothing was on it. Oh well that is all I know.

Note: My original impression was that the object could be attached to the weather station, but appears detached due to a photo saturation effect. However, the witness would know if the object was attached to the station so this is not a viable explanation. I am reasonably sure that the object is not a bird, insect or drone. I guess that leaves UFO?

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2 Responses to Dark Circular Object Found in Background of Photo of Weather Station.

  1. Alfredo Mora says:

    This is a really interesting photograph. It’s unlikely that a bug or a bird could be displayed the way this dark disk shape is. Also, it’s curious to note the tail-like appendix that appears to be protruding from the object.

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