Dark Triangular (Delta Shaped) Object Flies Silently.

Location of Sighting: Santa Rosa, California
Date of Sighting: June, 1983
Time of Sighting: 10 PM PDT

Description: My wife and I were sitting facing each other, Ken was facing South, Nancy facing North, in our hot tub in the backyard at approximately 10:00 PM.   I (think) it was on a Saturday night.

The night was clear and starry, with no obstruction to the South with no other sounds to be heard at the time. It was a quiet night.

Initial observation:  I saw a small part of the total sky being blacked out by what looked like a triangular (Delta) shaped, unmarked object that had one Apex pointing North. There were no lights and no sound.  Initially I estimated the distance to the South at 3/4 of a mile and the angle above the horizon was approximately 15 degrees.

The object maintained it’s speed and direction, heading approximately North.  The object was offset to my Right approximately 0.1 mile, West. I told my wife to turn around and look to the sky, she did, I can remember her saying something like “what do you want me to see?”  I told her, there is an area without stars in the sky and it’s moving towards us.  She said she could see what I described.

Altitude: As it progressed North I could not tell the elevation of it, but as it approached I commented to my wife that “there is no sound.” That seemed strange as commercial jets pass you can always hear the engines after they pass by.  But, there was no sound, from the beginning to end and no lights.

As it got closer to us it’s speed seemed too slow. It was confusing, if it were at 25 thousand feet or higher, this object would not have blotted out as many stars as it did.  And if this thing was at 1 to 5 thousand feet you would expect to hear it pass by. But it was absolutely quiet.  And yet, when it passed by my right shoulder, at altitude it really blotted out the stars.  At arm’s length with my hand wide open there were no stars to be seen within the size of my hand.  There still no sound and no lights.

Then, talking to my wife I told her I was calling someone about this incident.  Now, I am not sure to whom I spoke. It may have been the police, although it might have been a UFO Organization. I don’t remember.  But whoever I told about this experience, they said that they had other reports about it.  As I recall they said something like someone in  “Petaluma, and some other places in the Bay Area.”  There were several calls at least. I am not positive of just how many. One thing stands out in my mind is that I will never forget this sighting.

  The exact year and month is approximate.    My wife has passed away since then, but she did write a calendar diary. Unfortunately, she had days without entry, so I was unable to confirm the date of my observation.

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