Daytime Circular Object Circles & Vanishes Behind Moon.

Location of Sighting: Brooklyn, New York
Date of Sighting: August 10, 1962
Time of Sighting: 1:15 PM Eastern Time

Description: I observed a point of bright light, about a quarter the size of a pin head held at arm’s length. It rose or came from behind. what I will call the top, of the moon, the moon being out in the daytime. The light-point then circled the moon counter-clockwise, with what I would have to call an observable altitude/separation from the moon’s surface. This took about 20 minutes and then it either descended or disappeared behind the moon at 180 degrees from where it first appeared.

I understand that the object would of have to have been of a tremendous size or very bright/reflective to be observable at the lunar distance. But this is what has made it an extremely vivid memory. The length of time it took to semi-circle the moon and the fact that it was a bright sunny clear day make it so very memorable. The fact that it semi-circled the moon at a constant separation distance from the moon and then disappeared behind or onto the moon has made me wonder about it for over 50 years. I understand I will never know what it was, but as a child I so remember looking away then back at it and it was still there just a little bit further in it’s position.

Well, I have shared this now and it makes no difference. I will still continue to wonder and maybe give someone else something to wonder about it as well.

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