December 10, 2014 – Osceola, Indiana – 9 PM EST

Description: I was driving home from my parent’s house on Beech road driving north of Dragoon when something strange caught my eye. I kept seeing a white blinking light just above the tree tops. I kept seeing them all of the way down Lincoln Way (933) and when I turned north onto Cedar road. I slowed down on Cedar to where I was just coasting trying to see if the lights were just small airplanes, but they weren’t. I turned onto Crescent and pulled in my driveway and went in the house to grab my camera, but the lights were up too high to get a picture with all of the tree’s around here. While I was trying to get a picture one of the blinking lights started chasing a small airplane that looked like it was headed to the small airport on CR 20 in Elkhart. All of a sudden another one started after a big jet that was flying East. Both chased the planes for a couple of minutes then came back to this area. I had to get in to take care of my diabetic dog so I couldn’t watch them any more. But there was at least 6 of the blinking lights going around the sky here in Osceola. When I took my dog out about 12 AM they were still out there and there was a big disk shaped UFO with red, green & white lights just above the trees to the East of my house on Crescent drive. I tried to get a picture, but it kept ducking behind the tree line. It looked like it was just a few blocks away possibly on Vistula road around the Shephard’s Cove subdivision area. I wish I could have gotten a picture, but anyone that was outside around here last night would have seen everything I was watching.

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