December 11, 2011 – North Suburb of Seattle, Washington – 11:12 PM PST

Description: I was at a stoplight in a Northern suburb of Seattle facing South on Aurora Ave, looked to my right where a red-maroon station wagon pulled up next to me with a guy my age wearing a baseball cap in the driver’s seat. I looked forward (facing South) at the sky above the tree-line about 20 to 25 miles in the distance and a second later, a bright light-emitting flat oval (horizontally) object lit the atmosphere. It was probably at around 50 miles away in the distance, but still bright enough to cascade light 2 miles away from where I was. I believe it moved in an Eastern-to-Western direction and was spottable for 2 seconds. The distinguishing feature that crossed out it being a meteor was that it moved in an arched path across the skyline.  As I contemplated what I had seen to be a UFO(unidentified-flying-object), I looked at the guy with the baseball cap next to me, who had a perplexed and frozen face. I decided to roll my window down and get an answer from him to make sure I wasn’t alone in my sighting. He proceded to roll his window down as I asked him “Did you see that thing in the sky?” “What do you think that was?” He replied “That was a UFO.”

This is one instance where I had another eyewitness to a sighting, and I have not had luck at finding dates and times that match my own recorded sightings. So I finally want to do something by posting what I saw in case someone else comes forward and traces the keywords “December, 12, 2011, sighting, ufo.”

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