December 12, 2012 – Port Arthur, Texas – 11:30 PM CST



[map z=”5″ address=”Port Arthur, Texas” w=”550″ h=”300″ marker=”yes” maptype=”HYBRID”]

Description: The witness called and reported his sighting a few minutes after it occurred. He was on a “platform” working at an oil refinery and looked up in the clear blue sky. He noticed what he thought was a large flock of geese flying in “V” formation. Then he saw a white colored air transport aircraft (he thought it was a C580) fly below the V formation. The V formation was flying east and when the plane appeared the formation reversed direction and began flying west. The plane and the formation then abruptly disappeared. The entire sighting lasted around one minute. Another co-worker close by did not see the object.

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2 Responses to December 12, 2012 – Port Arthur, Texas – 11:30 PM CST

  1. Joel Small says:

    Well, if the co-worker didn’t see the unusual object, did he see the plane and it’s disappearance, or did he just see the plane, or? I have heard of planes seemingly “disappearing,” often in the proximity of some unconventional looking objects, but at very least this is a hard report to swallow as it just seems kind of incomplete.

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