December 13, 2014 – An “Area 51” Insider Talks



Description: Has anyone ever mentioned a special area other than 51? This other area is where all of the real secrets are at. This is stuff that you would never believe, but say  ( I knew it ). I worked at the test site for five years building all kinds of things to house, hide, hold up and suspend things that myself and coworkers were never allowed to see, but on a few times we were sent to a holding area and left  unattended so we would take a few look sees and some of the things they would be moving from one location to another were just
unbelievable. You would think that you were on a movie set and they were bringing in a life size special effects and other things you just can’t describe. That is why they are not so hush hush about 51. However, there is another location in Area 51 that’s in the mountain and under the mountain that all the super secret stuff and going ons are at. Some of the underground rooms are over 1,000 feet. tall with areas in the rooms bigger than a football field with no ground to ceiling support and other rooms that are so deep underground you
need special clothing and protection as well as breathing equipment to stay down for more then 1 hour. I know I worked there and built a lot of the (things ) for the ( stuff ) that went in there. If you want to know more and the name of the area inside of area 51 just contact me. Thanks for the opportunity to inform.  L.

Later Response From Witness: Hi William:
Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, but my health has gone down hill ever since I worked at the test site. I spend many days in bed and very few out of the house, but I do get to go to my annual med & radiation tests that track my exposure from being at these special areas at the test site (like the ones I mentioned before). Do you know why we no longer ” go to the moon?” The answer is that beings from another world are mining the moon and sending soil materials to our space station and then on to Earth were it is then used in our production of stronger, lighter and more flexible steels that can only be made with these additives from lunar soil. Back in the 70’s and 80’s NASA and the military started using these soil additives to make stronger,lighter weapons like cannons, bombs and aircraft as well as under water craft that can go deeper than ever before. You will soon find out that there is a ship that is being used by NASA and the military that is faster, stronger, with more cargo space than the shuttle, but the information is not yet available to the media or public. I need to take a break now and rest, but will get back to you soon with more.

Thanks for your time.

Note: There is no way to prove whether this witness is being truthful about experiences within Area 51. It is known that several former Area 51 employees have become sick from burning of toxic waste and from leaking of radiation from underground nuclear tests. It sounds like that this witness could be one of the employees with consequential medical problems. Any further communications from the witness will be added.

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  1. Barbara Griffith says:

    This person may be telling the truth because we all know the government really doesn’t care what happens to the workers on top secret projects. Look how our veterans are treated. That is enough to show what they are.

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