December 14, 2012 – Offshore From Grand Turk Island – 8:30 PM EST



Description: My husband and I took a cruise to the Caribbean. One night we saw a UFO. After pulling away from Grand Turk and Caicos, we were sitting out on our balcony looking up at the night sky when all of the sudden a gold-ish tan egg shaped object flies from above the ship (directly above our balcony) towards the open ocean. I watched it for a moment trying to figure out what it was when I finally say: “what the hell is that?” My husband looks and says “It’s probably a satellite.” I say “That’s not a satellite.” It’s too low and close and it’s not lit up. All of the sudden it STOPS and zips straight back to the ship right in front of us!! (Now it is looking like a white ping pong ball with a vibration blur around it, but no sound.) Then it darts back to where it originally stopped and darts back to the ship again, a little higher up and farther down the boat. It darts back again to where it originally stopped, paused, turned back into a gold egg again and then continued on it’s original path. We were able to follow it until it disappeared due to darkness as it was not illuminated. My husband and I looked at each other saying “DID YOU SEE THAT?” YES! Totally amazing. Pretty cool.

I am a pretty good Photoshop user so I created an image of what we saw. If I was going to change anything in it, I would make the gold egg a little farther away. Otherwise the image depicts the flight pattern of what we saw. My husband agrees this image is what we saw.

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3 Responses to December 14, 2012 – Offshore From Grand Turk Island – 8:30 PM EST

  1. Kenneth Larson says:

    Very interesting sighting report of gold-colored object in Grand Turk Islands east of Florida. The cruise ship was near San Salvador Island where Christopher Columbus landed his ships on October 12, 1492. With his assistant, Columbus said they saw a bright object in the evening sky just before landing on October 12, 1942. In my research, I discovered that 1492 plus 500 years equals 1992. In his 1997 book UFOS ARE REAL: HERE’S THE PROOF, structural engineer Ed Walters with co-author Bruce Maccabee described along with photos the colorful UFOs seen over Gulf Breeze, Florida, during 1987-1992-1995. In the book, Walters described my discovery in 1992 that on a MERCATOR WORLD MAP a pencil compass centered on Gulf Breeze forms a huge circle cutting the extreme northwest edge of Alaska and extreme southern edge of South America. In 2013, I discovered that on a STANDARD WORLD MAP the same pencil compass can be centered on San Salvador Island so as to cut the northwest edge of Alaska and southern edge of South America. Maybe the object in the sky Columbus saw in 1492 near San Salvador Island was the same object seen by the couple near San Salvador Island on December 14, 2012. I theorized the 520 years between 1492 to 2012 could represent only 12 hours of time to the UFOs.

  2. Barbara G. says:

    I think Photoshop is where this sighting came from. Good try, even if it’s fake.

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