December 21, 2012 – Tulsa, Oklahoma – 7:40 PM CST

[map z=”5″ address=”31st and Sheridan, Tulsa, OK” w=”550″ h=”300″ marker=”yes” maptype=”HYBRID”]

Description: It was right about 7:40 PM when my wife and I were driving west on 31st to our daughter’s house. We had just passed through the Sheridan intersection. At the same time we noticed these five or so fiery orange lights in the sky. They were less than a mile away. They were just floating in place. They then moved into a circular formation. They were only two to three hundred yards up in the sky. There were airplanes in the air also, but they were easily identifiable. I looked out my car window to the south and noticed two more of these objects (same color) moving north in our direction. They were lower and much closer. They were maybe a block or two away. There was an airplane behind them. I looked back west in front of us. A plane flew through the five in circle formation. The top object dropped down quick breaking formation then back up again into it’s position. Once the plane passed then they started moving north in the direction the plane was flying. Four of these objects then just faded out or disappeared. The bottom one kept moving north at close to the speed of the plane. We parked across the street of Dollar Thrifty plaza. I looked east. The two that were south were now flying over 31st street. The plane that was behind them was going faster than them. It was easily identifiable as a commercial flight airplane. They did not fade out. They kept flying north at the same speed. They did not have any blinking lights like regular planes. None of the objects made any noise at all. You could hear the planes. You can hear most choppers. Once the objects were out of view because of trees we got back in the car and exited on Yale heading north. This is the same direction that the objects and airplanes were heading. We only saw the airplanes now. The three orange objects were now gone. Those were the most noticeable objects. There were others, but they were more dim and further away. They seemed to all around the area at one time.

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