December 23, 1992 – Lake City, Florida – 11 PM EST

Description: I was driving with my mother on a highway in Lake City, FL on Dec 23, 1992 at around 11:00 PM at night. We saw three stobing lights way ahead of us on the highway and they made a sudden movement up and converged into one. The object moved straight down the highway right over our car and kept up hovering over for about one minute. It was so close we could see that the underside was rounded and metallic. After about a minute, it moved very slowly towards the back of our car. (Keep in mind we were going about 65 MPH.) Then we noticed the car behind us must have seen it, because they slammed on their brakes. The object then went super fast to the left and then right and then took off faster then I ever saw anything move. About ten minutes later the fog on the highway got so bad we could not see anything at all and had to pull off and stay the night at a hotel. The next morning when we started out again we heard that there had been a terrible crash involving a huge amount of cars at the next exit after the one we got off at! It was scary. It still gives me chills when I think about it.
Note: This must have been dramatic experience as the witness remembers the exact date after more than 20 years.

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