December 27, 2013 – Westminster, California – 1 AM PST



Description: I noticed an unusual looking white star-like object through my binoculars, to the southwest, from my backyard. It did not move, but was strobing and emitted many colors. I moved to my front yard for a better look. It was about 1:00 AM. The object was about size and brightness of Venus and appeared to be to the right and above my neighbor’s house across the street. There were no other stars around it. The sky was very black. It remained stationery and continued it’s multi-colored strobing. I took several videos with my camcorder. I am still not sure if it was a star or not. I was again looking through my binoculars at it when all of a sudden the object moved a very short distance, stopped, then flew away with amazing speed to the west, appearing as a blue streaking object, getting smaller and smaller to pinpoint size. Then it disappeared. In a second it reappeared and flew back to it’s original position and hovered. NOW I knew it was NOT a star! I decided to take a still picture in hopes of discerning a shape to the object. As I zoomed in and was focusing to take the picture, all of a sudden to the left of the white lighted object, an orange saucer shaped disc appeared, then a blue one, then a pinkish-red one, and more continued to appear (light up) one after the other, until there were about 12 in all. Each had a distinct saucer shape, solid glowing color, no other visible lights and hovered in place. Most appeared to the left of the white light object, but 3 or 4 were to the right. I was frozen with shock watching all this unfold until the saucers on the right started “blinking off” one by one. I then had presence of mind to snap the picture before all disappeared. I was able to get a picture of about 9 of them before they all disappeared. In the picture they appear tilted, but when I first saw them they were all completely straight. If you zoom in you can see the saucer shape of some of the objects. I ran inside to tell my husband and when I came back out, all were gone. I am sending one of the videos I took of the white star like object as well. I believe these saucers were there all along, invisible until they revealed themselves. I have been a sky watcher for years and have had 2 previous UFO sightings, but nothing at all like this sighting. It was scary actually.

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