December 28, 1995 – Indian Falls, New York – 4:30 AM EST

Description: On Dec.28,1995, I was 5 feet. From a 4 feet. tall being in a full white suit and upside tear drop eye’s (appeared to have visors). The being had three fingers on each hand.

I lived in a rural area and fuel oil was very expensive that year. I was forced to burn wood or coal in a wood furnace. I would load the furnace before work around 3 PM & then right after I got home at about 12:30 AM. Like clock work I would awake at 4 AM and go down to the basement to reload the furnace. I would always grab something to drink from the kitchen to make sure I was awake and not burn the house down by leaving a damper on the stove open by mistake. I headed down to the basement turning all lights as I went. That night as I reached the furnace which was side by side of the oil furnace about two feet apart. I opened the damper and then the door. Just as I did I happened to notice something out of the corner of my eye back behind the furnaces between them. There it was:  A 4 foot tall entity with a full white suit and upside down dark tear drop eyes staring at me. At first I thought who are you and what are you doing in my house? Then I thought looking at the eyes “so this what everyone is seeing” with all the alien stuff you see in stores and stuff. But the eyes were different. My heart started to pound and I felt like I better not antagonize it. I need to look around and see if there are any more. I also need to get the door closed because the fire is starting to roar. So I slowly closed the door and slowly looked around. I also felt if I did and still saw it, it was in my head. But if I didn’t see it probably was there. So after looking around slowly and didn’t see anymore I knew it was time to look back at it and study it the best I could. So I turned and looked at it still standing there looking at me. I stared for about another minute & a half. It began to shake a little as I was too and my heart was pounding in fear really bad not knowing what could or will happen next. I decided to leave it alone again and look away. So I slowly looked around again. When I looked back it was gone. I stopped and listened for the outside door at the top of the stairs to open. There was not a sound. Did it go into the house ? I looked behind the furnace where it was standing to look for footprints of water left from coming in from the snow. There were none. I checked the rest of the house and outside the door to look for footsteps leaving the house in the snow. There were none. I never went back down in the basement for months, left the lights on and forced myself to buy fuel oil. The morning after I called the FBI to report, feeling I should for the safety of others. But they told me it was wiped from the budget and they no longer investigated UFO’S or Aliens. I spoke with hologram experts and they told at that location it was impossible to do. I received an email from Steven Hawking who claimed if I had such an encounter I would be dead from disease or radiation exposure within five years. I am still here over 17 years later probably because of it’s Bio suit. Over the next 6 to 9 months I could look at a piece of machinery I never saw before and could tell what it was, how it was built and operated. This is very strange. My learning abilities also increased dramatically over that period and  returned to normal.

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