December 29, 2012 – Portland, Oregon – 12 AM PST

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Description: I was driving home from a bar in North Portland this past Saturday morning just after midnight and I noticed an orange ball in the sky. It looked very high, 20,000 feet perhaps higher. What caught my attention was it’s movements. It moved all over one small area SW very erratically. I pulled over and it moved slowly to my NW and this is where I began filming. I stopped because I felt ridiculous and also had to get home. I continued driving west and it began moving west as well. I lost sight of it a few minutes later when I turned north. By that time it had moved fast enough that it was long gone over the west hills and was heading towards Hillsboro. I watched the movie I made for the first time tonight and noticed the spinning light and thought I should share it. Also, it appears closer in my video than it did with the naked eye. What do you think? Were there any other reports on the same night?

Note: This video could be of the planet Jupiter. However, if the witness’s account of movements are true, then the object would not have been a planet.

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