December 31, 2013 – Riverside, California – 8:30 PM PST



Description: The witness called and reported his sighting the morning after it happened. He was walking and at once noticed “15 UFOs flying west towards the Ocean. He said that the objects were silent and that the dogs in the neighborhood “went crazy.” The objects were fiery, flaming and looked like donuts. The objects moved west towards Newport Beach. The objects were in sight for about 10 minutes before vanishing over the horizon. The witness came across as very emotional due to his sighting. He took a couple of photos with his phone. One of his photos is shown above. He said that the photos to not show details of the object.

Note: KABC TV Channel 7 in Los Angeles received several UFO reports on New Year’s Eve across California. (See story below:)
LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The new year started with a mystery in the skies over California. People from Los Angeles to Northern California reported seeing mysterious flying objects on New Year’s Eve.

Eyewitness News viewer Yvonne Bennett shot video of a mysterious object around midnight. She says it hovered for about a minute and then disappeared.

In Northern California, several other “UFOs” were spotted from Sacramento to Stockton and Auburn.

“We saw it right through the trees. It was bright enough to shine directly through the trees without any problem seeing it,” said Steven Brown of Sacramento. “Whatever it was moved up and to the left. It hovered there for probably about 60 seconds, and then it took off at a high rate of speed.”

So far, there’s no word on exactly what it was that people saw all across the sky.

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  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Unfortunately, there’s a whole lot of fireworks, firecrackers, spotlights, you name it, up in the air around New Years Day, and to weed out what could be some sort of unidentified aerial object from all of this is hopeless! BUT – I’m certain that you recall that one of the first U.F.O. reports of what’s called the ‘modern era’ involved some sort of ‘dough-nut like’ objects, but they were not supposibly emitting light, and that event occurred on the Northwest Coast, so maybe, just maybe, right?!

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