December 31, 2013 – Vancouver, Washington – 8:20 PM PST

Description: I saw it in the Southwest area of the sky. The object was red in color and traveling East in a slower speed than a plane and not so perfectly straight. It seemed higher. The conditions were foggy. Two of us watched it for up to 10 seconds. It seemed like it raised up higher into the sky and disappeared out of our sight. People had been lighting fireworks around same time since it was New Year’s Eve, but this was way too high to be a firework and I did not see any blinking light or hear an engine sound like a plane.

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  1. Angie says:

    Is it possible it could be one of those chinese lantern type fireworks? I live near a fireworks stand and found a few of the tissue paper shells from them on the ground in the woods. There was a red one & a blue one. The were both made of a see through type colored tissue paper, and were about 2 feet tall and 18 inches or so wide.

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