December 31, 2014 – Port Ludlow, Washington – 9:35 PM PST

Description: We were inside watching a movie and I looked out the north window and saw an orange round light in the sky. It was traveling from the north horizon upward and to the south at the same elevation as often we see airplane traffic. It was very unusual so I ran outside immediately in my bare feet on the frosty deck to look at it. It was traveling slowly and silently. If I held a dime at arm’s length – that would be the size. The orange light was vibrant and flickering, but not flashing and it was clear that there were NO navigational lights, no red/green flashing, no white flashing or solid lights. Again there was no sound. As it went overhead I saw it dim and disappear. There was never any sound. About 3 minutes later another appeared and followed the same track and did the same dimming out and disappearing. About 5 minutes later a common airplane went by much higher up and further west and you could hear it passing by and see its red/green navigational lights.

Note: The witness is describing several properties characteristic of Chinese Lanterns.

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