Deep Royal Blue Ball Emits Blue Laser Beams.

Location of Sighting: Copalis Crossing, Washington
Date of Sighting: August 27, 2017
Time of Sighting: 9:45 PM PDT

Description: I saw a deep royal blue ball with lighter blue laser beams being emitted. The ball was first observed in the western sky about 45 to 50% off of the horizon. There were no sounds associated with the blue ball stationary or in motion. The orb made improbable movements which had very short acceleration and deceleration intervals as if inertia was inhibited. Position changes were extremely fast with 1/10 mile covered in less than 2 seconds. At least 6 position changes were made with long hovering times. The orb was seen to bob up and down in place for a short spell after assuming a new station. When stationary the orb emitted lighter blue laser beams (compared with the deep royal blue of the sphere) at shallow and steeper angles to the ground. Laser beams varied in size and were detectable when they intercepted wisps of fog 1/4 mile away (from the local creek). My best guess is that the altitude varied from 500 feet to below 100 feet. The orb was observed for around 20 minutes. Two of the movements or translations proceeded in a 4 part zigzag trail with sine wave smoothness on the edges of the zigzags. The ball appeared sparkly at times from lighter blue areas which might have been laser emissions. One blue laser beam struck my left eye as I tried to spot it through tree branches as it moved further north along the road. There was no perceptible damage to my eye. To describe the motion of this orb one might imagine the animated motion seen in cartoons where physics be damned.

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