Disc Shaped UFO With Flat Bottom & Rounded Top.

Location of Sighting: St Cloud, Wisconsin
Date of Sighting: August 29, 2019
Time of Sighting: 6:30 PM CDT

Description: I saw a stereotypical UFO in the shape of a disc with flat bottom and a rounded top. (It is very similar to upper left image on your homepage.) I was at work walking outside and I’m always looking up because this is a hobby of mine too. To the east there is a tree line edging a campground and just above it was the said disc. It maintained a perfect straight line, made no noise and I saw lights, but it was still daylight! A section of the tree line gets taller and once it went behind that it never came back out. Moving my eyes back to where I first saw the disc there was an orb. It moved as if it were tailing it playfully. It dipped up and down probably 10 feet twice (like this ~~). It was very graceful and smooth.

I looked around for someone to validate what I was seeing. My phone wasn’t on me either. I have thought about this day. I even dreamed about it (LOL). Seeing it during daylight for the amount of time I was able to (approximately 10 to 15 seconds) I should have collected more detail, but I was blown away. I stood there for a few minutes to gather myself and recognize what just happened.

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