Disk Shaped Object Flies Close to Helicopter.

Location of Sighting: Newton Abbon Devon, United Kingdom
Date of Sighting: March 26, 2020
Time of Sighting: 3:58 PM Local Time


Description: I heard a helicopter outside so I rushed over to the bedroom window to check it out. When I looked out of the window I could see that the helicopter was in fact the Devon air ambulance so I watched as it descended behind a house which then obscured my view. I went downstairs to get my Nikon p900 camera, but none of the batteries that I tried were charged so I picked up my small Nikon coolpix L26 digital camera instead and went back upstairs to my bedroom where I stood patiently by the window waiting for the air ambulance helicopter to take off. After a while the air ambulance helicopter took off and ascended from behind the house giving me the perfect opportunity to take a photograph of it which I did. Then to my surprise I noticed a round object off to the left that was just hanging there in the sky so I immediately turned the camera in it’s direction to try and capture it in a photograph, but before I could the object flew off at incredible speed and unfortunately I lost sight of it. I looked at the photograph that I had just taken and even though the quality of the photograph wasn’t that great I could still see that I had indeed managed to capture the object in the photograph along with the air ambulance helicopter. This camera normally takes perfectly clear photographs so why did this photograph turn out to be so dark and distorted. Could it be that this strange object had some type of affect on the camera causing the lack of quality in this photograph. I believe that it did. What was this object anyway and why was it observing the helicopter. I really can’t understand why there are so many of these UFOs in this area? What on earth is going on? The photograph was taken at 3:58 PM on the 26th of ‎March ‎2020, at Newton Abbot Devon England.

Note: This witness has taken several photos of UFO’s that are quite compelling. He must live in a UFO hot spot. I have never had any reason to believe that he has ever fabricated any photos. He also sees the objects and doesn’t just find them in photos.

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2 Responses to Disk Shaped Object Flies Close to Helicopter.

  1. Joel Small Small says:

    Hello Mr. Puckett; Joel Small here. The person that got this picture seems to have caught an actual unidentified aerial object of some sort that was in the vicinity of the chopper as the shadow angle and pattern on this object matches the pattern on the helicopter. This observer wonders as to if this area he’s in might be dwelling in or around a kind of “U.A.O. hot-spot” of sort, and I seem to recall a well documented encounter that a couple of commercial pilots had in or around that area some years ago, and they clearly and concisely reported that they saw at least a couple of extremely large solid objects that were picked up on ground radar, but the pilots didn’t get an explanation as to what they and even some of their passengers saw (Their plane landed and flew out of Guernsey [spelling?]). Maybe this observer lives near so kind of regular ‘operations area’ for whom-ever is operating these objects?

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