Distant Triangular Object With 3 White Lights Suddenly Vanishes.

Location of Sighting: Savannah, Georgia
Date of Sighting: December 2, 2016
Time of Sighting: 1 AM EST

Description: I was standing on my patio about 6:50 PM observing Venus. I noticed a white ball of light about as bright as Venus moving through the sky towards the East just South of Venus and about as high in the sky. I thought it to be a bright satellite at first. As the light drew closer, I noticed the light growing three bulges that soon looked like three small white balls pressed together.

Soon, it grew to the size were I could resolve the three white lights of the apexes of a triangle. It was about the size of my pinky finger fingernail at arm’s length distance. I could tell by the geometry of the lights that I was getting more of a front on view of this triangular object. There were only the white lights at the apex that could be seen.

I watched it until it got behind a leafless small tree branch whereupon it just disappeared from sight all three lights at once.

It was not at a low altitude or close to me is all I can say about the height and distance. I could not make out a craft body only the apex lights. The entire encounter lasted 10 to 12 seconds.

Note: The sighting was immediately next to Hunter Army Airfield. One wonders if the witness may have seen a military craft (secret)?

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2 Responses to Distant Triangular Object With 3 White Lights Suddenly Vanishes.

  1. Phil Harvey says:

    It definitely was not a standard military aircraft though I would not rule out a black project of some sort either. I can make out the nav lights on commercial jets flying at altitude. None were noted on this. Since it was not in restricted Military Operation (MOA) airspace, NAV lights should have been turned on unless black projects are exempt.

    I have seen nearly everything in the US arsenal flying over me at all altitudes both day and night. The triangle at the center of the top of your web page was shot by me back in 2011.

    Hunter Army Airfield (HAAF) does have a long history of UFO attraction though. Google the 1973 case of the MP’s in a car being chased by a disk. I have two friends that saw a 30 foot disk hovering over a pine tree just outside one’s home during during that exact same period of time when we were kids back in 1973. Both independently told me the exact same story of the encounter when we were in our teens.

    This would be the 9th unidentified aerial phenomena I’ve witnessed in nearly 6 years here. It runs the gamut from a single giant high altitude boomerang to orbs. I have a few other friends who have seen orbs and other triangles plus a diamond shaped craft around here too in the same time period.

    Whatever these things are, HAAF does attract them. Ours or theirs one day we’ll learn the truth.

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