Dozens Bright Circular Orange Lights Airborne.

Location of Sighting: Dayton, Ohio
Date of Sighting: October 20, 2016 (First Sighting)
Time of Sighting: 8:30 PM EST

Description: The first incident occurred around 8:30 PM on October 20th in Dayton, Ohio. My husband had left to walk down to the corner store at the end of our street. He returned about 10 minutes later jabbering on about dozens of bright orange lights in the sky in the direction of downtown. My neighbors and I came out to the street to witness exactly what he was describing to us. Dozens of orange circular lights, orbs if you will, were in a concentrated area of the sky. After a few moments, the lights all disappeared at once, and then several instantly lit back up. We watched for a few moments and then returned to the front porch. About 3 minutes later, we witnessed a much larger bright white ball of light moving slowly through the tree line in the same direction as the orange balls of light. It made no noise and had no discernable shape. It looked similar to the moon in shape and brightness. It shortly disappeared. Moments later, it reappeared and shot up from the ground above the tree line and then fell back down to the ground. Five minutes after that, one of these orange lights appeared from over top of my neighbor’s house across the street. It moved in the direction of my home, flickered a bit, then vanished. No noise was observed during any of these incidences and nothing was reported about it on the news. WPAFB made no report of any military testings during this time frame. Unfortunately, due to how awe struck all of us were, none of us thought to record these incidences on our phones. We do no drugs nor do any of us drink, so these were not hallucinations. Now, fast forward to last week. I was tagged in a video posted by a Dayton resident to WHIO channel 7’s page of the exact same thing we all had witnessed. The poster described what sounded like small explosions just prior to these lights appearing. She said she also saw the same bright “moon” light that we saw and that it was moving around in the same erratic motions. She also observed what sounded like static electricity coming from no known location, other than “the air” as she described it. WHIO tried to quickly dismiss her video as a meteor shower. These lights were NOT meteors. They were stationary lights all in a concentrated area in the same fashion in which we saw them last month.

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