Electric Blue Elliptical Lights With Smaller Spinning Ellipses in Center.

Location of Sighting: Citrus Heights, California
Date of Sighting: April 28, 2018
Time of Sighting: 9 PM PDT

Description: Hi, I just saw some weird lights in the sky tonight. It was about 9:00 PM and it came from the southwest silently at a very high speed. There were some clouds in the sky that were giving a good contrast so I could see it well. The first one was bright electric blue, like glowing blue. At first I thought it was a Mylar balloon, but then I noticed some spinning lights or motion or something in the middle of the object. It was elliptical in shape and smaller spinning ellipses in the center. It quickly moved off in a northwest direction. It was only visible for about 10 seconds or so then it was too far away to see. I looked back towards the southwest and saw another identical blue light approaching on the same course as the last. I tracked this one with binoculars this time. I could clearly see something spinning in the middle. After the second light moved off I looked back again and saw another light, a different light, but approaching on the same course. This one was spherical and looked like a white light to me. I couldn’t tell if there was anything spinning in the middle of this one. It was too bright. It just looked like a fast moving star or satellite, but a lot lower than a satellite should be. By this time I grabbed my brother in law to come see. He saw the spherical light and then out of the southwest came another weird light! This time it was red, bright red, elliptical shaped again with the spinning bits in the middle. He saw this too, so I now know I wasn’t just going crazy or something. Anyway, please let me know if anyone else saw anything tonight. Thank you.

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