Email UFO Report Guidelines

Guideline for reporting UFO sighting by email:

Send messages to:

Include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your address
  3. Your Phone number (in case we need to contact you for additional information)
  4. Email address (if different from address that you used to report sighting)
  5. Brief description of your sighting. (Include shape, direction of sighting, direction of movement of the object, color, number of witnesses besides yourself, and the duration of the sighting.)
  6. Date of your sighting.
  7. Time of your sighting. (Be sure to indicate AM or PM.)
  8. Location of your sighting  (Include, country, city, state, and address.)

Attach any drawings, photos, and videos

2 Responses to Email UFO Report Guidelines

  1. Larry Bruce Thoreson says:

    I did not see an UFO. However…..

    When I was approximately 8 years old or so (1952-1955), one of my chores on my dad’s farm 3 miles north of Kenyon, Minnesota, was to round up the Holstein cows from the various pastures for milking. I did this when the sun came up in the mornings. One morning, I woke up to realize that I must have overslept because the sky was lit up with a strange color (vanilla). It definitely was not night, but the sky was so strangely colored it just looked weird. Our farm was on a high spot and I could see for 10 miles in the day time. My grandfather’s farm was 10 miles away on the southern horizon. I could see his farm at that time in the strange lighted sky. My bedroom window faced west.

    Afraid of being late in getting the cows, I quickly dressed and went after the cows. For some reason, they were much more difficult to herd than usual. Once I got them in the barn, I turned on the radio in the barn. As memory serves, it was sometime between 2:30 AM and 3:30 AM! The sun didn’t normally come up until 5:30 AM.

    Well, I left the cows in the barn because I would just have to go get them again in a few hours, so I went back to bed and got up again around 6 AM and pretended that I had just herded the cows when my dad came into the barn.

    I was embarrassed to have herded the cows too early so I never told anybody about this.

    Years later I heard about nuclear tests in Nevada around that same time. I thought perhaps the sky might have been lit up that night by that.

    More recently, a friend suggested that maybe it had been an UFO. If it was an UFO, I didn’t see it. I only the strange colored sky around 3 AM.

    It looked almost like a sunset, but with a vanilla/orange colored sky at 3 AM.

    I hope this may be of interest to you. Sorry I can’t be more accurate about the actual date of this event. I never heard about anyone else seeing what I had seen and I didn’t read newspapers nor listen to news programs back then.

    If you think you might know what I actually saw, I would love to know. Perhaps it was a celestial event like an eclipse? Or?

    It was more than likely in the summer and probably in 1953.

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, atmospheric nuclear testing was going on in 1953. However, I believe most radioactive plumes would have been to the west of Minnesota. I doubt if radioactive plumes would have caused the sky to light up like that. I really don’t know what could have caused the phenomenon that you describe. Perhaps it could have debris high in the atmosphere that would have been high enough to reflect sunlight. (If this was the case it would have happened probably no more than 3 hours before sunrise.) I am speculating, but that is a possibility?

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