Extremeley Bright Yellow Light Moves East Silently in Sky.

Location of Sighting: Idaho Falls, Idaho
Date of Sighting: July 6, 2016
Time of Sighting: 2 AM MDT

Description: Around 2:00 am last night I was awaken by a very bright yellowish light maybe the color of an incandescent light with maybe a tint of orange hue brighter than anything I have ever seen. We changed to all white LED lights so nothing that color in the house except for the yellower LED motion sensing light behind our house. I have seen those come on several times when the family is outside and they are no where as bright as this light was and it doesn’t shine into the only window back there as well. It appeared to be heading from West to East coming from back of our house. There was absolutely no sounds. I never did see the source of the light because I was too chicken to get up and look.

When telling the story to my Father on the phone I discovered that my Son saw it too. He said it was very bright and it hurt his eyes and it appeared to go by his window on the other side of the house from our room. I asked him if he heard anything and he said there wasn’t any noise. I asked him if he remembers the color and he said no. There is a chain link gate over there which he should have heard.

The light lasted for about a 45 seconds to a minute. For me it appeared to go around the back of our house and then by the side of our house by our bedroom window to the front of our house. From my son’s added information it sounds to have gone around our home. The action of it’s movement seemed slow and very steady in its direction. There was absolutely no noise as for me as well. The light was extremely bright. Our back room has a small window and on the other side of the window is an enclosed patio with large windows. It’s hard for daylight to get into the back room. The reason I am explaining this is because the light emanating from outside seemed to go through the wall like it was inside. It didn’t cast any shadows at all as the ambient light from outside is doing now at 10:00 AM. It is very bright outside with the light even bouncing off the tree, but it is still relatively dark inside the room. There were no shadows in the room even with the light moving. The light never did come into our bedroom though which I thought was also strange. It remained completely dark even with how bright the light was. There is a motion sensing light outside our backyard that stays on for 4.5 minutes. I don’t know if it came on because of how bright this other light was, but it wasn’t there for that long. There is also a white motion sensing light in our back room with a white LED light that stays on for half an hour which never came on.

When the light came around by the windows of our bedroom it seemed to be whiter in color. It kept on it’s slow course. Again the light was very intense lighting up the curtains, but not the bedroom. There is a gate on that side of the house which is very loud when opening. It has a latch that is latched tight and also has very noisy 2nd latch that has to be turned and then the door has to be kicked slightly to open. I know the gate wasn’t used. The light proceeded toward the front of our house. By the time I got the courage to get up it was gone so I never got up.

We have a motion light in our bedroom that never came on during the whole ordeal, but around 15 minutes later it came on by itself and then went off a minute later as it should. It is pointing to the back Northeast corner of our bedroom. I decided it was nothing then it came on again about half an hour later. I got up and looked around and didn’t see anything. I went back to bed and fell back to sleep. Once again the motion light came on again not knowing how long this time. It never did come on again that night and I stared at the back room for about an hour before I fell asleep.

I don’t know if this has to do with the light, but at around 12:45 AM right before heading to bed, our dog started going crazy running around sniffing the doors and looking out the low windows in the front of the house. She wanted at something bad. The only other time I have seen her act like this is when a mouse was under our dishwasher and we caught the mouse. She does this for squirrels too. It was different though how she was acting as if she was scared and very worried as well. I ended up getting my flash light and looked everywhere even in the trees and bushes, but I didn’t see anything. A couple of times the hair on my back seemed to stand up which I couldn’t explain.

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