FAA Promulgates Regulations For Drones.

New FAA Drone Rules effective December 21 , 2015.

Rules were established to cut down close call collisions between drones and airplanes.

Pilots report approximately 100 drone sightings per month.

Approximately 400,00 drones are expected to be sold over the Holidays.

Approximately 1.6 million drones have been sold in 2015.

All drone owners 13 + must register with the FAA online ( name, address, email, etc)

Registration cost is $5 but will be waived the first 30 days.

Registration information will assist FAA to track down owners flying in restricted airspace.

Potential fines will be $ 1,100 per each offense.

Do fly with local clubs.

Do not fly near airports and manned aircraft.

Fly below 400 feet and be at least 5 miles from nearest airport.

FAA rulings will provide flight safety information to registrants.

More information to follow. Hope Santa will bring me a drone 🙂

Here is the FAA Link : https://www.faa.gov/uas/registration/

Note to Commenters: If you are reporting a sighting, be sure to include the location (city, state, country), date and time of your sighting. Be detailed in your description. You may also use our report form to report your sighting. Comments will only be published if they are in "good taste" and not inflammatory. Also the name that you list in the comment will be posted. Use abbreviations or aliases if you don't want your name listed.
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