Radar Data Analysis in NM Shows “Unusual Activity.”

Special Note – July 30, 2015: The FAA was contacted in an attempt to fill in the “missing holes” in the radar coverage noted in the report below. Updates will be posted.

Update – August 27, 2015: The missing data has been received from the FAA. The FAA is to be commended for sending data in an area where classified military operations are conducted.

This is a special report. In the late evening of June 10, 2015 near midnight in Alto, NM a local minister saw military jets pursuing 30 to 40 erratic flying lights. The witness called 911 as the result of the sighting, but was given no information. Click here to read witness report. A look at the updated radar data shows considerable activity from military jets and several concentrated patterns of primary (possible unknown returns). The complete radar report follows.

New Mexico is rich with Military Operations Areas (MOA). The White Sands Missile Range MOA is about 20 miles to the west of Alto and another MOA is about 10 miles to the south. See gray areas in map below:



Some ground based military maneuvers are conducted in Otero County (at an unknown location). Alto is outside of Otero County & White Sands Missile Range (see map below):



There is a long range ARSR-4 radar sensor in Eagle Peak, Texas which is about 150 miles from Alto. This radar has a range of 250 nautical miles. Radar from this sensor and a short range (60 nautical miles) radar in Roswell were used to evaluate radar returns in this analysis. (See map below):



Military craft appear to the NE of witness location at 11:15 PM. (This is the start time of the radar data dump. The craft were likely in the area beforehand.) Military craft were seen approaching Holloman AFB at 11:53 PM. They likely landed not long after this. This location (to the northeast of Holloman AFB) was at the southern edge of the radar request area. (See radar map below for path of “likely” military aircraft.)



Only one military aircraft showed up as an aircraft with a transponder. (Transponder sends signal to the radar indicating position and altitude.) However, it is believed that additional aircraft were present that had their transponders turned off. It is common for the military to only have one aircraft in a “sortie” to have their transponders on. The primary returns map (radar “skin” paints) tracked other likely aircraft in the “sortie.”

The transponder indicated that the military aircraft was flying near 25,000 feet. The speeds were near 500 MPH. The transponder interrogation showed that the craft was rapidly descending as it approached Holloman AFB.

Radar showed a dense concentration of primary returns to the Northeast of the witness location. Many of these returns were likely military aircraft, but some of the returns could very well have been UFO’s. Targets were moving at very rapid speeds (near speeds of aircraft).  (See map below):



The radar map doesn’t completely agree with what the witness viewed. The witness says that he first saw military aircraft approaching from the West. Radar does not show this. However, the witness says that the activity moved to Northeast of his location where it continued for some time. The radar definitely confirms this. It shows considerable military activity and a dense concentration of primary returns. Some of these primary returns could very well be the UFO’s (lights) seen by the witness. (See map above.)

The radar shows military aircraft flying in circles through the area north and east of the witness location before returning to Holloman AFB. This activity is well outside of any MOA’s. (See above maps.) Why would the military be present in considerable numbers and considerable time outside of any MOA’s? The witness has lived in the area for several years and has never seen UFO’s or a strong “military presence.”

All of the military craft and “UFO” returns were outside of MOA’s. Aerial operations (and missile launches) are normally conducted within the White Sands MOA. Some special ground based maneuvers are sometimes conducted in Otero County. Alto, NM is outside of both of these areas. A “heavy” military presence was noted by radar returns in the area and at the time the UFO’s were sighted by the witness.


  1. The witness saw several unknown aerial lights & military aircraft.
  2. Radar confirms a sortie of several military aircraft to the E and NE of witness location.
  3. Aircraft were flying near 500 MPH and 25,000 feet.
  4. A dense area of “primary returns” to the NE of the witness location. Some of these returns could very well have been UFO’s.
  5. The military operations were outside all  MOA’s.
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6 Responses to Radar Data Analysis in NM Shows “Unusual Activity.”

  1. Randy J. Reeves says:

    My name is Randy J. Reeves I am the witness that made this report, from Alto, NM.

    There is a mistake in this report, as to how many UFO’s I had witnessed, by a honest means or because of utter unbelief the number of UFO’s I saw on June 10th 2015, was report wrong not 30 to 40 as this report states, but there were over a thousand UFO’s in the air at one time. I want to set the record straight. June the 11th there were just as many UFO’s in the air as on June 10th, at the same location as the night before around the same time, check the radar reports on the night of June 11th and you will find out that the same thing happen as on the night of June 10th. All through the summer of 2015 there was major UFO activity in this area, all summer. I could not have made a report on all the sightings I have seen in the last sixteen months, it would have taken up all of my time. I cannot tell how much it consumes already. The sightings are still going on, but not in the mass numbers as before, but still the UFO’s are appearing. I will be releasing my photos and videos soon. My last sighting was in Oct. 2016 captured on video. I do not presume to know what is happening, but something is going on in this area. I am trying to find out. I have talked to many eye witnesses. I caught a large ship on video. Got radar proof?

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for clarifying your observations. Interestingly there were sorties of F16 aircraft from Holloman Air Force Base on the night of your sighting and on the following night. I did not obtain radar data for the following night.

      • randy j. reeves says:

        It would be very interesting to see the radar reports side by side, of June 10th and June 11th, 2015. I would be interested in filing another request for that information.

  2. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Hello Mr. Puckett. As for the subject of aerial craft and activities thereof that aren’t supposed to be seen; anyone who has half a brain knows that our government tests a myriad of new aircraft all of the time, but this is done usually over and around ‘classified air space’, and though some of these test flights and such can be seen obliquely at a distance, most of these craft and their maneuvers are difficult to clearly view.

    But as we know, there are flights of ‘something-or-other’ aerial objects – a few which I have witnessed – around or downright over populated areas, and for somebody to say these are probably some type of experimental aircraft just ROARS in the face of reams of all sorts of government/and/or military rules and regulations, if for no other reason than safety of the people below, BUT overflights there are, and sometimes quite out in the open, such as the much photographed and reported overflight of a large triangular ‘aircraft’ looking vehicle in broad daylight over a section of Texas and New Mexico about four or so months ago that appeared to exude a thin vapor trail! The authorities were much queried about it, but the best that was said was that; yes, the craft was there, but not so much as to what kind of aircraft it was, as it was quite unlike what anyone was used to seeing; i.e., the B2, B1’s, etc. This reported craft was quite triangular in construction, and noticeably larger than those types of aircraft. So experimental aircraft do occasionally go over populated areas.

    The problem is is that some of these other ‘overflights’ are far too low, and often are soon seemingly followed or pursued by some standard civilian or military craft than appear to be intent on closing in on these ‘experimental’ craft as though they were attempt to either intercept, or even ‘chase them’ away!

    If these experimental interlopers are not ‘alien’ or military in origin, then might they belong to some earthly power or population that maneuvers these craft over the American citizenry without ‘due permission’ or proper reason? I kind of think this sort of thing does go on, but aside from being somebodies’ drone, whose then are they, and what are they for?

    Thanks for this great report!

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for your comments. You make some good points. I may still see if the FAA will fulfill my request, but success is doubtful. This is more likely a cover-up than incompetence.

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