Fall, 2001 – Dallas, Georgia – 12 AM EDT

Description: You will probaly think this is a joke, but I  saw a UFO years ago when I was about 17 or 18. It was almost 12 years ago, but I remember every detail. It was not a dream and it’s not a hoax. Personally I don’t care what anyone thinks.  I am not trying to get famous or even want any credit, but I do want people to know that UFOs do exist, they are VERY real.

This story gives me goose bumps when I relive it in my mind and to this day It is clearly in my mind. I was not on any medication, mind altering drugs or alcohol. I was not tired or delirious although it was late at night and I was driving to my mother’s house which was in a very rural area.

I came across a field that has a hill to the left with an orchard on top. (You can’t tell at night, but I know the area well). The pasture opens up to a huge downward slope like a ravine, but less sloped and grassy to the right. There is a tree line to the right FAR into the distance.

The time of year was fall when the helicopters fly in the area looking for MJ Plants, so when I saw some lights in the far horizon I thought nothing of it. I knew the state had FLIR cameras and used them for this purpose.

I was driving just under the speed limit with my radio playing. The lights instantly moved miles to the other side of the pasture still near the tree line on the right side of the road. I could clearly see the grass and trees from this light mind you. It moved away from me, but in the direction I was traveling.  It was unlike anything I have ever seen.

Noticing this I was approaching a four way intersection with a stop sign. (I believe they have either installed a flashing red light or just a red light there.) It’s just  a small intersection out in nowhere.   I slowed down and looked out again and the craft was near the intersection. It was lit up with a light that was every color of the rainbow unlike any  mercury vapor,  fluorescent, led, incandescent light, etc. that I have ever seen.  I stopped and turned the radio down. My vehicle had no electrical problems as I opened the door and stood up to look. The craft made NO NOISE.

The light was emanating and almost pulsating, but silent.  I thought I was dreaming. I began to pinch myself asking if this was a dream. I realized it was NOT after several painful pinches to my arm and proceeded to completely freak out as I had never seen a vehicle like this before. I jumped in the truck and HAULED ASS.

I was watching the light as it moved instantly back to the tree line on the opposite side of the pasture. There was enough clearing to watch it for several moments as it moved almost seemingly with my vehicle,  but FAR away. Some trees came into the line of sight, but I could still see the light and when the trees broke open to pasture again it was gone.

I didn’t tell my mom or anyone for fear of ridicule. I told some friends years later but they think I made it up.

This occurred at either around 12 or 3 AM. I don’t think I lost anytime or was abducted or anything, but I could have swore it was just past 12 AM when it occurred. When I got home I noted it was past three AM?

I never really thought of a time loss, but after reading a couple of other stories it just clicked while writing this I might have had some time loss?

I had seen several disks and lights after that  right after the experience, but I doubt if they were related. One time while telling a family member while laying by the pool of the incident I distinctly saw a silver disk traveling through the sky across some clouds and disappear.

I know what planes and jets look like and this was a disk I am positive.

This happened on Black Acre Trail in between Highway 41 and Highway 61.  The road turns into another name at a bridge, but I forget the name offhand. I know that you can look it up on google maps.  I believe this is area is considered Dallas Georgia.

I hope this opens some eyes. There have been alot of sightings at the mud bogs down in Florida lately. I have friends down there.  Some of them believe me now.

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