Family See Red-Orange Aerial Ball Suddenly Vanish.

Location of Sighting: Anna Maria Island, Florida
Date of Sighting: July 2, 2015
Time of Sighting: 10:25 PM EDT



Description: My family is vacationing on Anna Maria Island and we just saw a red/orange ball in the sky. It traveled in a straight line from about two blocks south of Cortez and Gulf Drive to about a block north over the gulf before it just disappeared. This was at about 10:25 this evening. I did a Google search and found your blog. My son got two pictures on his I-Pad. They aren’t the greatest and he’s 9, but I’ve never been so happy about that thing being glued to his hands! I thought it was a meteorite and I’m no expert, but I didn’t think they traveled in a straight line like that. Let me know if you’re interested in the photos and I can pass them on. I never saw anything like it.

Update – July 21, 2015. A resident of Anna Maria Island recounts several sightings:
I just read your entry in the Filer’s Files #29 about a sighting of a bright orb on Anna Maria Island last week. I live on AMI and have twice in the last 5 years seen things I could not explain as aircraft or meteorites or drones or anything else. The first time, I was down at Skinny’s, across from Manatee Beach, and my friend and I saw an orange glowing orb moving east and south. It stayed in the sky quite a while and moved in a very direct, straight line. It’s possible that it was one of those wishing lanterns people sometimes light on the beach, but neither of us thought so. It was too high, too solid, and too direct. It didn’t appear to be moving on air currents. I attempted to report that sighting & that’s how I found out about Flier’s Files.

The other thing was late at night, from my backyard. I saw two bright, stationary white lights appear in the sky, very large and very stationary.

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