Fast, Erratic Flying Red Lights Seen Repeatedly.

Location of Sighting: Greenwich, New York
Date of Sighting: Late August, 2016 (and earlier dates)
Time of Sighting: Dusk

Description: I have seen red lights three times now over the sky in Vermont from my home in Greenwich, NY in eastern NY along the Vermont border. My wife and three daughters have also witnesses them, the first time in 2014. All occurred at dusk. The first time we saw them it was clear, not a cloud in the sky and the sun had just set. A single red light, with a curved trajectory from the south and sped up at an unbelievable pace all the way to the north until it cleared the horizon. Another followed it on the same EXACT trajectory, as if it was following the other one within the atmosphere following the curve of the earth like a plane. At first they were moving at the same speed as a jet airliner would travel at 40,000 feet (roughly 650 MPH), but they sped up to what must have been 5,000+ MPH by the time they hit the northern horizon. They took off at an unreal speed. It took maybe 25 seconds to cover 160 degrees of sky, and beyond the capabilities of any kind of airplane I am aware of. It was so amazing that I find myself looking up to the sky every time I am out at night to see them again. I saw a single light do the same thing about a year later in 2015, but I was alone with no witnesses. Last week (late August, 2016) we all saw them again, my oldest daughter pointing them out first. This time there were two and they moved horizontally along the horizon north to south over maybe 15 degrees of the horizon above tree line miles off in the distance, but they then moved nearly vertically in small jumps. Each time they jumped up they paused for 5 seconds with no movement, then jumped up again. Each jumped maybe 10 times, and each jump was the same distance and angle (slightly off of vertical). They rose a total of maybe 15 degrees above the horizon before disappearing into the distant clouds. Once followed the other in the exact same trajectory. We have no explanation. Wife could care less and went inside even though she agreed they were not aircraft. My oldest daughter thought it was really cool, one was pretty scared, but kept watching and one was terrified and ran inside crying. No plane or object I am aware of could do that. They eventually disappeared into the clouds way off in the distance miles away. There is no way they were drones as current drones could never move that fast. Also, they could not take the same exact flight path. It is difficult to see something like that and not be able to explain what it is to your children. Also it is pretty crazy for them to see something and not be able to make sense of it themselves. I hope to see them again as long as they don’t come to my house!

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